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20 Sep

It’s been just over 2 weeks now and I’ve finally cone to grips with the fact that I pedaled the PCP2P 2 hours slower than last year. 2 freaking hours!  Yeah it was hard but last year was even harder.  Enough about the race you already know it’s a bitch.

On to the PCP2P ride.  The first 3 hours were complete single track bliss.  I spent the whole time riding with Dave Harris and Fatty.  Just tooling along having a good time singing songs and possibly irritating fellow racers.  What could be better than Utah single track with friends for 3 hours? Pretty much nothing and certainly not the next 7 hours.

This is what I do in a feed zone, get on my bike and ride.

This is what Elden does, looks for sympathy.  For what? His hands hurt. Whatever, sac up!

I really wish I would have felt better at the finish so I could mingle and schmooze with everyone that I haven’t seen for several months but I was too busy curled up in a ball trying to recover.  It took me almost 10 and one half hours to finish.  I’ve become a soft and pale city boy.  It is what it is.

The weekend came and went too fast.  I did manage to squeeze in some Corner Canyon dirt, Bayou and a visit to the lab.

Mountain bike racing is OVER! I am pretty excited about that since no matter how hard I look there just aren’t any mountains to be found in Chicago.  I am hereby declaring my official new cycling discipline to be cyclocross.  I even have the first race of the Chicago Cross Cup under my belt and I couldn’t be more pleased.  More on that tomorrow.

Chicago Aint So Bad

22 Aug

It’s actually pretty awesome.

Several people enjoying the beach. I had no idea Chicago had a beach.

Luckily you can get away from everyone without even leaving the city.

I like to think we traded mountain views for city views.

Living in the city has its perks, you can go from this.

To this, all in one afternoon.

I’m digging it.

Tomorrow or maybe Tuesday Midwest race report #2 Palos Meltdown.  Is it  harder and more fun than an ICUP race?

Draper ICUP

7 Jun

There’s nothing quite like racing on your own backyard trails except for maybe just riding them. I had my best race of the year, as in I felt great for the entire 2+ hours and finished 3rd, Bob I’m coming for you. I really thought this was one I could win but my theory that everyone is getting faster as I get slower is becoming reality.

Some people use computers and GPS but I like to taste the air on my tongue during the race to gauge my speed, doing about 12.5mph here.

The race in the backyard is also good if you’re local. I’m sure I gained an extra minute or two on the out of neighborhood competition just from the cheering section, better than any amount of caffeine. Thanks to Kendra my 14 yr old for the action photos, she may have a future after all. Kendra, If you read this I’m joking you have a very bright future.

Here’s CarborRocket, er, I mean Bryson Perry on the Men’s Pro-Class podium with a huge win. The former Leadville Trail 100 winner has his sights set on Lance this year.

KC Holley with a 2nd place in the Women’s Pro-Class. She is moving up the podium at every race, I expect the big W to be this month.

I somehow managed to crash not one but 2 BBQ’s after the race. First was for Team Revolution at the venue.

2nd was at Dot and Karl’s house. Tasha and I live up the hill from Dot an Karl and have some binoculars trained on their backyard for weekend festivities. I think they are getting used to us as they even offered us food this time. Any progress is notable in party crashing.

Number 0

6 Jun

OK, I’ve been a little preoccupied lately with the move to Chicago so posts are rolling in a little late but better than never. Maybe.

I hate night riding, I’ d much rather be sitting on my butt at home drinking a cold one.   Just thinking about night riding is usually enough to keep me at home.   However, I’d be hard pressed to think of a single night ride where I got home and thought, gee, I really wish I hadn’t done that. I’ve never had any regrets about night riding but I can still hate it, can’t I?

The inaugural Thursday night race went off last week or was it the week before thanks to RickS.  Racing from Equestrian Center in Draper up Clarks then around back side of and down Jacobs Ladder, Ghost Falls and Creek View back to the EQC.

Pretty sure there were 25-30 dudes, where were all the women racers anyway? I led the climb up Clarks, Clarks is my bitch btw, and got passed at the top of Jacobs by the eventual winner Brandon and eventual 5th? Greggy.  Loads of fun and can’t wait til the next one but I am NOT driving to Utah County for it, I am a snob.

The wusses went to eat somewhere after the race and the real mountain bikers went out for another lap. I was not a wuss.

Tomorrow I’ve got a Draper ICUP report and Tuesday maybe a Chicago update.

Clarks TT And Draper ICUP Preview

21 May

I bailed on the Soldier Hollow weekly race and decided to TT Clarks and scope out the Draper ICUP course instead.

Clarks has been re-routed at the top so I wasn’t sure how much that would add to the times from last year.  Based on the few times that have been posted I was guessing it would take longer.  At 10:50 I would be correct, that is almost a minute slower than my best time from last year.  Do I think the trail is a minute longer than last year? No, it’s more like 30 seconds longer It’s just that I’m a little slower this year.  I predict someone will break the 10 min mark but not by much and not without some ear blood.

The top of Clarks is conveniently located right at the top of Jamie’s trail, Rush. How you could choose any other way down is beyond me, Rush is my favorite trail in Corner Canyon, very much a working downhill that can be as tiring as climbing Clarks. Totally dig it.

At the bottom Canyon Hollow I found the pink flags marking the ICUP course and checked out few sections.  Given all the trail that has been built in CC I am pretty surprised that they incorporated a bunch of deer trail/bush whacking sections.  I’m not complaining, just saying.  Also, watch out for all the super steep grunts, I predict I’ll be doing some hiking. The newer sections could definitely use some traffic so get out there and give it a spin but only after TT’ing Clarks.

May Mashup

20 May

I’m working May backwards.  Today I’m looking for a ride to Soldier Hollow, if you’re leaving from the Sandy, Draper area and want to carpool let me know.

Monday was Gooseberry LLC planning day at the Bayou.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished after a good bike ride and over sweet potato fries and Epics.

I’ve also been working hard all month on getting the Raspberrylemonade CR back in stock and it looks like it should be available next week. Let’s just say somebody is hording raspberries or there was a Spring freeze.

May has been so busy I had to choose between the Sundance ICUP Saturday or the Cycle Salt Lake Century.  I chose peddling over pedaling.  I’ve never seen so many wrinkly old men in lycra in one place in my life.  Tasha has no idea that 2,000 cyclists are about to descend upon us and drain nearly 100 gallons of CR:

I had to start doing the weekly mountain bike races to get my racing fix.  The weekly races hurt at level that is almost indescribable.  Way higher intensity than an ICUP XC race but a lot more fun than doing intervals or some other stupid workout.

At the Sundance weekly I broke my chain towards the top of the first climb and for a brief moment was really happy because I was on the verge of vomit and caught a nice break. Race over, vomit avoided.  The weekly race series rock for a number of reasons not the least of which is the raffle.  Had you been there you to could have won some biscuits:

I also paid a visit to BikeFix a new shop that is opening this weekend in beautiful downtown Bountiful.  Not only is BikeFix shaping up to be the coolest shop in Bountiful it will also be the only place in bountiful to get your CR fix.  Mr. Day wondering how many more 18 hour days he’s going to have to put in to be ready:

And what is May without our annual Mother’s Day picnic at Red Butte Gardens?  Hands down my favorite day of the year, chillin on the grass with a variety of dried meats, stinky cheeses, red wine and Tasha and  the girls.
Last and least of all, 5-Mile Pass.  It sucked.

I’m A Mountain Biker Now

21 Apr

I haven’t been on my road bike since Hell of the North but have been on my mountain bike nearly every day since so it’s safe to say I’m back to being a full time mountain biker.

It feels good to be a mountain biker. I rode Frank N Betty in the UC this week and can’t believe I’ve never ridden Betty. Wow! Thanks Ricky and Miles for showing me the way, the truth, the light that is Utah County trail. That shit is steep and nasty! Just the way I like it.

OK, It’s that 100 miles of RAWROD time of year and unfortunately I wont’ be able to ride with the big group on Saturday so the Friday TT is the next best (better? Nah.) thing.

It’s now been 2 years since I did a TT of the White Rim and my goal for Friday is to do it under 7:30. That will make me a mountain biker for sure, no?  Check back Sunday or Monday or Tuesday for a White Rim update.  Should be fun or at least completely miserable.