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Clarks TT And Draper ICUP Preview

21 May

I bailed on the Soldier Hollow weekly race and decided to TT Clarks and scope out the Draper ICUP course instead.

Clarks has been re-routed at the top so I wasn’t sure how much that would add to the times from last year.  Based on the few times that have been posted I was guessing it would take longer.  At 10:50 I would be correct, that is almost a minute slower than my best time from last year.  Do I think the trail is a minute longer than last year? No, it’s more like 30 seconds longer It’s just that I’m a little slower this year.  I predict someone will break the 10 min mark but not by much and not without some ear blood.

The top of Clarks is conveniently located right at the top of Jamie’s trail, Rush. How you could choose any other way down is beyond me, Rush is my favorite trail in Corner Canyon, very much a working downhill that can be as tiring as climbing Clarks. Totally dig it.

At the bottom Canyon Hollow I found the pink flags marking the ICUP course and checked out few sections.  Given all the trail that has been built in CC I am pretty surprised that they incorporated a bunch of deer trail/bush whacking sections.  I’m not complaining, just saying.  Also, watch out for all the super steep grunts, I predict I’ll be doing some hiking. The newer sections could definitely use some traffic so get out there and give it a spin but only after TT’ing Clarks.

Masher Photo Shoot

28 Feb

I thought I’d write about the Masher photo shoot or at least the sweet mountain bike ride today but all I can think about is the bread.


You’d think I’m smiling because I just finished a fantastic tour of Corner Canyon on a beautiful Saturday or because dug’s shorts shout he’s gay louder than words ever could.  Maybe I’m smiling because I’m really the gay one and couldn’t be happier all wedged into the back of the 240 next to Sunderlage.   If you thought any of those things you’d be wrong, well, except the dug’s gay shorts one.

No, I’m smiling because Kenny is bringing me another slice of his homemade bread dripping with honey butter.  It’s like a slice of cake only better.  It’s indescribably delicious especially, after a ride.

dug’s gay shorts again in case you missed them in the above photo:



Even his royal fatness made his presence known today.  I had totally forgot he mountain biked.


He was testing out a new jersey design.  I can’t wait to get one on order.  I just love the raglan sleeves and the blue gray color scheme.  Promising.

We made it to the 2nd switchback at the top of the upper Corner Canyon road before getting turned around and got in about 1 hour 40 min of dirt.

And the Masher Jersey?  The most comfortable nicest fitting jersey ever.  I look really good in it too.  So good, I think I’ll wear it to church tomorrow.  Anybody up for a session of the Blue Dome?

Corner Canyon

25 Feb

Thanks to Tony P for the tip on Corner Canyon conditions. Spot on. You can climb almost to the top on the upper road, all completely rideable right up until you hit this glacier at the first switchback before the top.


What a difference a week makes. The single track connecting the upper Corner Canyon road to the single track from the equestrian center is totally rideable as is all the lower sandy single track.


All the stuff in the ravine and North facing is hike only. Including Ghost Falls and Clarks.


There is at least a solid hour and a half worth of rideable dirt right now in Corner Canyon. Time to break out the Jabberwocky and start the 4:00 EQ meetings.

Edit: Ditto on good trail conditions for the North bound Bonneville Shoreline Trail from the upper CC road to just below Scout Bridge.

Cross Or Crack

6 Dec

I was planning on doing the final cyclocross race of the season at the Draper Equestrian Center today even though I suck at cross, seriously, I’m Mr. DFL.

That being said, I try to do a couple of them every year as they always serve me a nice slice of humble pie. As much as I don’t like humble pie I think it’s good to eat every once in a while.

However, I got the call this morning about doing a mountain bike ride instead of the cross race. The mountain bike ride would consist of one of, if not, the best loops in the Salt Lake Valley (Clark’s trail to Crack Cocaine loop) along with some of my favorite riding buddies.

The cross race would be in my backyard as well but would only consist of about 50 minutes of suffering followed by about 15 minutes of exercised induced asthma. What to do?

Duh! Crack beats Cross every time.

I still can’t believe that a loop of this quality is literally in my backyard, as in I hop on the single track in my backyard and go. Unbelievable!

My backyard:



Some DH with dug about to launch:


and Elden bailing on the launch:


We finished the ride with a duel:


I won the camera duel. Elden eventually dropped his camera and ran off like a small child.

And a few more pics from dug:

brad-kenny-barrel-rolling1 brad-finishes-upper-downhill1 brad-dropping-ramp brad-finishes-lower-downhill1

Not a bad day of December biking at 6000′ in Utah.