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20 Sep

It’s been just over 2 weeks now and I’ve finally cone to grips with the fact that I pedaled the PCP2P 2 hours slower than last year. 2 freaking hours!  Yeah it was hard but last year was even harder.  Enough about the race you already know it’s a bitch.

On to the PCP2P ride.  The first 3 hours were complete single track bliss.  I spent the whole time riding with Dave Harris and Fatty.  Just tooling along having a good time singing songs and possibly irritating fellow racers.  What could be better than Utah single track with friends for 3 hours? Pretty much nothing and certainly not the next 7 hours.

This is what I do in a feed zone, get on my bike and ride.

This is what Elden does, looks for sympathy.  For what? His hands hurt. Whatever, sac up!

I really wish I would have felt better at the finish so I could mingle and schmooze with everyone that I haven’t seen for several months but I was too busy curled up in a ball trying to recover.  It took me almost 10 and one half hours to finish.  I’ve become a soft and pale city boy.  It is what it is.

The weekend came and went too fast.  I did manage to squeeze in some Corner Canyon dirt, Bayou and a visit to the lab.

Mountain bike racing is OVER! I am pretty excited about that since no matter how hard I look there just aren’t any mountains to be found in Chicago.  I am hereby declaring my official new cycling discipline to be cyclocross.  I even have the first race of the Chicago Cross Cup under my belt and I couldn’t be more pleased.  More on that tomorrow.

Number 0

6 Jun

OK, I’ve been a little preoccupied lately with the move to Chicago so posts are rolling in a little late but better than never. Maybe.

I hate night riding, I’ d much rather be sitting on my butt at home drinking a cold one.   Just thinking about night riding is usually enough to keep me at home.   However, I’d be hard pressed to think of a single night ride where I got home and thought, gee, I really wish I hadn’t done that. I’ve never had any regrets about night riding but I can still hate it, can’t I?

The inaugural Thursday night race went off last week or was it the week before thanks to RickS.  Racing from Equestrian Center in Draper up Clarks then around back side of and down Jacobs Ladder, Ghost Falls and Creek View back to the EQC.

Pretty sure there were 25-30 dudes, where were all the women racers anyway? I led the climb up Clarks, Clarks is my bitch btw, and got passed at the top of Jacobs by the eventual winner Brandon and eventual 5th? Greggy.  Loads of fun and can’t wait til the next one but I am NOT driving to Utah County for it, I am a snob.

The wusses went to eat somewhere after the race and the real mountain bikers went out for another lap. I was not a wuss.

Tomorrow I’ve got a Draper ICUP report and Tuesday maybe a Chicago update.


2 Jun

That’s what the stopwatch read when I looked down at it this afternoon. That is, right after I put myself back together after having my first ever head-on collision with another mountain biker. And by head on I mean not just bikes but foreheads and shoulders.

He was a little dazed and confused and I’m actually surprised he didn’t pass out as he was looking pretty wobbly. I guess that’s what he gets for colliding with my massive deltoid. I stopped long enough to make sure he was going to be OK, re-attach my brake lever, apologize (he was hurt not me although I blame him for the crash) and offer to douse him with water to snap him back to reality. I have the outline of his eye socket permanently pressed into my shoulder.

It felt like I was on my way to a record Clark’s TT. I had been punishing myself for over 10 minutes and even managed to get by two bikers and one hiker already and could feel the record within my reach. I was at the top with the finish practically in sight. I get nauseous thinking about trying it again.

I’ve tried 3 times now. I flatted once, too muddy the 2nd time and now the head-on collision. I guess there’s always next week.

On the bright side I posted a 3:27 on Jacob’s ladder and rode the new Ghost Falls trail. I predict that It will be even better than Clark’s. It’s all cut in and ridable albeit a little rough. Access is just to the left of the old Ghost Falls access off the upper Corner Canyon road.

Happy Birthday Tasha

29 May

YOU KICK ASS! Way to go, winning the Draper Intermountain Cup Race. I knew this was going to be your breakout race and you didn’t disappoint. What a great birthday present to yourself, you earned it.

Damn! You look good on your bike.

You just turned 25 right?  Happy Birthday!

Platinum Sponsor

15 May

Being a Platinum Sponsor of the WeeklyRaceSeries has many benefits. For example, I drop off my raffle contributions and proclaim, “there’s my entry fee!”

I get ushered to the front of the line and am given a complimentary sports massage to get me ready for the race. I’m treated like royalty.

As if that wasn’t cool enough they then hand me a punch card good for 10 race entries. “Hey, Honey, I think I’ll cover your entry tonight as well, put that cash away it’s on me.”

Some things I like about the mid-week race series:

  • Chill attitude from all yet way fierce competition.
  • No age groups, just beginner, sport, expert and pro categories.
  • Cheap. Free for me and only 10-12 bucks for everyone else.
  • 2 of the best venues in the state, Soldier Hollow and Sundance. Tons of singletrack.
  • Best raffle prizes around with lots of swag from the sponsors.
  • Great mid-week intense workout. No need for complex training plans to stay in shape.

If you missed it make sure and come next week. Bring your water bottles empty and fill them with CarboRocket for free. I’ll have a cooler full of the stuff at every race and maybe some post race recovery drink as well.

Kenny went out so hard he started bleeding from his eyeballs. Check out his #plate.

Sherwood Hills ICUP #4

12 May

I missed it but Tasha was there representing and represent she did. Even with all the mud (it took me half an hour to clean her bike) she came in 2nd place for the 2nd time this season. That should plant her firmly in 2nd place overall in the series after 4 races. I think it’s exactly where she needs to be this early in the season. Of course, it’s not where she wants to be at all.

Watch out next week at Soldier Hollow as she’ll have the new bike bounce riding her new Vassago Bandersnatch. That should be worth a couple shaved minutes all by itself.

I hooked up with Elden and the gang late in the p.m. for a romp around Corner Canyon. Coping through mountain biking. Is there any better therapy? It works individually or as a group. I didn’t even need my meds on Saturday.

Thanks, Elden, for letting a few of us hang out and bike with you. Special props to RickyM, GBrown and BobbyB for making the effort to be there.

BTW, Corner Canyon just gets better and better every day. I’m pretty sure Draper will become a major destination mountain biking area. It already is for the locals but I definitely see out of towners making the trek in the future. It’s that good.

Frozen Hog Race Report

2 Feb

I wasn’t going to go but I got out of bed this morning and thought if I didn’t go I’d just sit around the house all morning drinking coffee and eating waffles. Tempting, I know.

I went and had a good time. I decided I needed to go and help Racers Cycle Service defend the team trophy which they have had for the last several years. I didn’t help. We came in 2nd in the team category.


Yards from the finish line and just yards ahead of Racer.

The aftermath. I think this picture says it all. Racing in January hurts, I’m fighting to keep the vomit down as I was on the verge of hurl.


I’m not sure who gave Elden the microphone but he ran with it and raffled off a bike for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.


The first lap was great I only endoed once. You could actually ride the downhill section. By the 2nd lap the course was so chopped up from all the traffic that I ended up running the entire downhill section.

Thinking about riding my bike in the snow and the cold never sounds appealing but it’s always a good time.

Here’s a few random pics.