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Chicago Aint So Bad

22 Aug

It’s actually pretty awesome.

Several people enjoying the beach. I had no idea Chicago had a beach.

Luckily you can get away from everyone without even leaving the city.

I like to think we traded mountain views for city views.

Living in the city has its perks, you can go from this.

To this, all in one afternoon.

I’m digging it.

Tomorrow or maybe Tuesday Midwest race report #2 Palos Meltdown.  Is it  harder and more fun than an ICUP race?

I Gots Ninja Skillz

13 Dec

I took the girls to the Jazz game. I really don’t know anything about the Utah Jazz except that Kirilenko has permission from his wife to have sex once a year with another woman. Nice.

We took Trax to the game and ran into a couple bike commuters escaping the 20 degree cold. Local IMBA rep and fellow ICUP racer Ryan Miller and Cliff. Some commuters choose to commute by bicycle and others have no choice. Ryan is in the former category and Cliff falls really hard into the latter. You can see Ryan’s fixie in the first pic below if you look real hard. I’m not sure what to call Cliff’s bike but he says it’ll be available in a carbon fiber version next spring at Revolution. I can’t wait.


Cliff told me the bike seat was an Ethan Allen office chair and that it was the best saddle he’s ever had on a bike. I counted 4 different stems in his handlebar set-up and lots of tape.


I enjoyed the circus around me more than the game itself. We were surrounded by people having personal conversations and shouting matches with the Jazz players who were 100 rows below us on the court. At one point little parachutes started dropping from the rafters carrying what looked like burritos, turns out they were t-shirts.

I immediately started strategizing on how to improve my odds of snagging one of the burritos should it float my direction. I was surrounded by kids jumping out of their seats and flailing their little arms trying to grab the parachute as it came closer. I stood perfectly still and waited til the very last moment and then struck like a snake. Those poor kids didn’t have a chance.

I think the Jazz lost.