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Clarks TT And Draper ICUP Preview

21 May

I bailed on the Soldier Hollow weekly race and decided to TT Clarks and scope out the Draper ICUP course instead.

Clarks has been re-routed at the top so I wasn’t sure how much that would add to the times from last year.  Based on the few times that have been posted I was guessing it would take longer.  At 10:50 I would be correct, that is almost a minute slower than my best time from last year.  Do I think the trail is a minute longer than last year? No, it’s more like 30 seconds longer It’s just that I’m a little slower this year.  I predict someone will break the 10 min mark but not by much and not without some ear blood.

The top of Clarks is conveniently located right at the top of Jamie’s trail, Rush. How you could choose any other way down is beyond me, Rush is my favorite trail in Corner Canyon, very much a working downhill that can be as tiring as climbing Clarks. Totally dig it.

At the bottom Canyon Hollow I found the pink flags marking the ICUP course and checked out few sections.  Given all the trail that has been built in CC I am pretty surprised that they incorporated a bunch of deer trail/bush whacking sections.  I’m not complaining, just saying.  Also, watch out for all the super steep grunts, I predict I’ll be doing some hiking. The newer sections could definitely use some traffic so get out there and give it a spin but only after TT’ing Clarks.