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20 Sep

It’s been just over 2 weeks now and I’ve finally cone to grips with the fact that I pedaled the PCP2P 2 hours slower than last year. 2 freaking hours!  Yeah it was hard but last year was even harder.  Enough about the race you already know it’s a bitch.

On to the PCP2P ride.  The first 3 hours were complete single track bliss.  I spent the whole time riding with Dave Harris and Fatty.  Just tooling along having a good time singing songs and possibly irritating fellow racers.  What could be better than Utah single track with friends for 3 hours? Pretty much nothing and certainly not the next 7 hours.

This is what I do in a feed zone, get on my bike and ride.

This is what Elden does, looks for sympathy.  For what? His hands hurt. Whatever, sac up!

I really wish I would have felt better at the finish so I could mingle and schmooze with everyone that I haven’t seen for several months but I was too busy curled up in a ball trying to recover.  It took me almost 10 and one half hours to finish.  I’ve become a soft and pale city boy.  It is what it is.

The weekend came and went too fast.  I did manage to squeeze in some Corner Canyon dirt, Bayou and a visit to the lab.

Mountain bike racing is OVER! I am pretty excited about that since no matter how hard I look there just aren’t any mountains to be found in Chicago.  I am hereby declaring my official new cycling discipline to be cyclocross.  I even have the first race of the Chicago Cross Cup under my belt and I couldn’t be more pleased.  More on that tomorrow.

Diabolical And Sadistic

6 Sep

Those two words describe not only the course but the race organizers of the PCPP to a “T”. But first the first of the story.

I don’t know if Kenny is more excited for the race or because Natalie let him wear her daisy dukes.


Racing the PCPP for Team Fatcyclist required that we smile. We really have no idea what we are in for. The last time you’ll see us smile for over 8 hours.


I had a goal of finishing under 9 hours and beating Kenny. My plan was simple, start easy for the first few hours and then burn it to the finish. It worked out reasonably well until it came time to light the matches and they were all wet.

At hour 4 I was done, all the climbing was taking its toll. I had nothing left and had to stop and take off my shoes and walk around for a few minutes just to ground myself back in reality. For what lasted an hour but seemed more like days whenever the pitch was steeper than flat I was forced to get off my bike and walk. That course was never flat, ALL uphill. No descending, none, just climbing.

You know how you get so tired sometimes that you can’t clip in or out of your pedals? That’s where I was. So tired that you start crashing into everything and don’t care at all? At one point I fell over between 2 trees and got my rear wheel jammed between them so bad that I couldn’t get it out. A couple racers had to hike it around me.

What do you do? Keep moving forward no matter how slow. After an hour of despair and darkness the heavens opened up and light shined down on me and lit me on fire. For the next 3 hours I was superman and did nothing but pass racers, I was on fire! I was sure I was going to catch back up to Kenny.

Here’s my pre-darkness look at aid station #1 after a nice hard rain, just enough to soak my gloves and shoes clean through.


As if the race wasn’t hard enough at about mile 73 you end up close enough to the finish to hear the announcer and music blaring and you think the suffering is over. Of course it just has to be over because you can’t pedal another revolution, it’s all downhill. Wrong! Those sadistic diabolical race organizer bastardos make you climb another 1,000 feet right before the finish just to make sure it was hard enough. Thanks a lot. I really appreciated that.

I never did gain back all the ground that I lost but finally, a smile again. Judging how clean Bart and Kenny are you can probably guess they both beat my sorry ass.


The fast guys porch. This is as close as they’d let me get.


Just like I predicted Friday night and even the right order, your top 4 finishers overall. Alex, Bart, Chris and Kevin. Congratulations!


Here’s Sonya Looney having had better days and just moments before she gave me the bird, too bad I missed that shot. She did awesome and came in 4th overall in the Women’s Pro class just behind my favorite CarboRocket addict KC Holley, better get on the CR Sonya!


The overall women’s winner and 5th place overall, Pua Sawicki posing with Race organizer Jay Burke. Huge applause for the efforts Jay and Shannon and their army of volunteers for putting together a 1st class awesome event that will be around for a long time. Thanks!


The SS class proved to be one of the tightest (and best looking) races of the day with the top 3 all finishing within 7 minutes of each other. Next year Kenny, next year.


PCPP Predictions

4 Sep

That’s Park City Point to Point race for the uninformed and it’s a mountain bike race with about 14, 000 feet of climbing in 75 miles and pretty much all single track.

It’s going to be a big deal tomorrow and for many years to come. Huge turnout from the local race crowd as well as some nationally recognized names.

Here are my predictions and then I’m going to bed.

Top 3 men will all be locals. Not sure of the order but it’ll be Alex Grant, Bart Gillespie, Chris Holley or Kevin Day. Topeak-Ergon may sneak a rider in there somewhere.

Top 3 women will be KC Holley, Sonya Looney and Heather Holmes. Pua ain’t gonna pull it off but Amanda Carey might sneak her way in there somewhere.

Top 3 men will all be CarboRocket athletes and top 2 women will be as well all though Sonya Looney doesn’t know it yet but she’s a future CarboRocket athlete.

There you have it. let’s see how my predictions go.

Oh yeah, I’m going to win my category as well. Sorry, Kenny.

Park City Point 2 Point Race

31 Aug

It’s about time. About time Utah had its very own endurance race that didn’t consist of going in circles on the same 10-15 mile loop for 12 -24 hours. Not that theres anything wrong with that I’d just rather actually go somewhere in lieu of getting on a treadmill.

We’ve had the Brian Head Epic, RIP, which was my favorite 100 mile race until the Butte 100 came into my life. There was also the E100, RIP, in Park City that had a great course and potential but too many political and personal problems to ever be great or survive for that matter.

Enter the PCPP. This will be the inaugural year but the organization, timing, interest, buzz, sponsors and course have all the markings of a race that has been going on for a decade.

I am very excited about it if you couldn’t tell and think that it will be one of those races to look back on someday and say, “I’ve been doing that race from the very beginning.”

Don’t look back and say, ” I missed out on it the first year, heard it was the coolest ever.” Sign up today because at midnight registration closes.