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Zero Carbon Footprint

21 Oct

Not a single strand of carbon fiber.  If  Jon at Sabrosa or Tony at Pereira were mass producing bikes in Taiwan I imagine they’d look something like the All-City Nature Boy.

Internal cable routing, integrated seat post collar and sexy drop-outs will now be mandatory features on all my future bikes.  The lugged fork  and head tube badge are unexpected bonus details.


You get a lot of cool stuff for about as much coin as a fancy carbon crankset.  And, most importantly, I find myself looking for any excuse to take it out for a ride.

The only niggle to all the swag: it’s heavy.  I don’t really want to know how much it weighs.  Admittedly, I only notice the weight when hefting it up and down 3 flights of stairs every time I go for a ride, which, seems like several times a day now.

Available at your NBS (Neighborhood Bike Shop) in my case, the awesome crew at Roscoe Village Bicycles.

Brown Out

17 Nov

No, not that kind of brown out. I’m talking about Mike Brown, the funniest person in Utah. Hell, throw Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho in there as well and lets add Colorado while we are at it. Funny, funny man.

And I am kinda related to him in a twisted sorta way. Lets see, he’s one of my very best friends brother’s brother in law. Yeah, we are like brothers.

Pick yourself up a copy of Leviathan #10 and prepare to waste 30 minutes of your life reading his twisted funny tales and takes on everything from basketball and love to fixed gear posers. However, I must insert a warning here; Leviathan is not for the easily offended, Home Teachers or in-laws (unless you really want them to hate you and leave you alone) Laker fans or young children.

Edit: Here’s Cassidy my 10 year old in her new favorite T.  She’s not old enough to read Leviathan or the even the hangtag but she sure likes her T.


That being said, if you aren’t any of the above you really need to get your hands on an issue or two or three. E-mail Mike at to get yourself a copy. He’ll want 2 bucks from you which is a bargain or just come by the shop and you can read my issue #9 and #10.

10, he has 10 of these gems out there and I only have #9 and #10. Gotta get my hands on 1 through 8.

Jersey Review

27 Oct

I haven’t been attending my church meetings on a regular basis lately but I’ve made it to the church of the Blue Dome several days in a row.

Yesterday my Church attire consisted of my brand new FatCyclist jersey. I have to say it is the most comfortable jersey I have ever worn. It’s silky soft, breathes great, fits perfectly and most importantly it looks great on me. Get one.

As much as I like the looks of the original orange Fatcyclist jersey that I wear all the time it happens to be the most uncomfortable jersey I have ever worn. I think it’s made of canvas tent fabric from a Springbar tent which is great for UV and wind protection but it sure is hot and stuffy. It can even stand up on its own.

Props to Twinsix and Fatty for getting the latest jersey perfect. I think I’ll order a couple more.