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Brown Out

17 Nov

No, not that kind of brown out. I’m talking about Mike Brown, the funniest person in Utah. Hell, throw Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho in there as well and lets add Colorado while we are at it. Funny, funny man.

And I am kinda related to him in a twisted sorta way. Lets see, he’s one of my very best friends brother’s brother in law. Yeah, we are like brothers.

Pick yourself up a copy of Leviathan #10 and prepare to waste 30 minutes of your life reading his twisted funny tales and takes on everything from basketball and love to fixed gear posers. However, I must insert a warning here; Leviathan is not for the easily offended, Home Teachers or in-laws (unless you really want them to hate you and leave you alone) Laker fans or young children.

Edit: Here’s Cassidy my 10 year old in her new favorite T.  She’s not old enough to read Leviathan or the even the hangtag but she sure likes her T.


That being said, if you aren’t any of the above you really need to get your hands on an issue or two or three. E-mail Mike at mikebrown@slugmag.com to get yourself a copy. He’ll want 2 bucks from you which is a bargain or just come by the shop and you can read my issue #9 and #10.

10, he has 10 of these gems out there and I only have #9 and #10. Gotta get my hands on 1 through 8.