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The Chicago Diet

1 Jan

Disclaimer: The Chicago Diet is my diet while I’ve been in Chicago, not necessarily the diet of all Chicagoans.

I haven’t worried too much about what I’ve been eating in Chicago for the last 6 nonths (holy crap, I’ve been here 6 months!) because I have been racing my bike nearly every weekend and riding 3-4 days a week.

I should have been worried.  I can’t even count how many of these, yes, there is encased meat in there somewhere:

Or how many slices of this I’ve consumed in the last 6 months:

Like I said, I haven’t been too worried.

I had planned on taking a week off the bike (but not a week off my Chicago Diet) after a very busy race schedule before starting on training for 2011.  That week turned into 2 weeks after getting sick over the holidays.  The Chicago Diet caught up to me in that short 2 week period.  Caught up to me and run my ass over. I’m fat. I’m out of shape.  I’m sick of it.  I’m done.

2011 is here and the Chicago Diet is out the effin window today! Bring on the Kipper Snacks!

It Seemed Like A Good Idea

16 Feb

That was the theme of my weekend.  What kind of father would I be if I didn’t take my girls to the Salt Lake City International Tatoo Convention or teach them to play poker?  Not a very good father is the short answer.

However, when we ran into the girl with the permanent corset and after losing all my pocket change that I’ve amassed over the last year I began to wonder.


Then I went for a little ride on the cross bike.  I’m sad I didn’t invite anyone along.  Not so much bike.

Brown Out

17 Nov

No, not that kind of brown out. I’m talking about Mike Brown, the funniest person in Utah. Hell, throw Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho in there as well and lets add Colorado while we are at it. Funny, funny man.

And I am kinda related to him in a twisted sorta way. Lets see, he’s one of my very best friends brother’s brother in law. Yeah, we are like brothers.

Pick yourself up a copy of Leviathan #10 and prepare to waste 30 minutes of your life reading his twisted funny tales and takes on everything from basketball and love to fixed gear posers. However, I must insert a warning here; Leviathan is not for the easily offended, Home Teachers or in-laws (unless you really want them to hate you and leave you alone) Laker fans or young children.

Edit: Here’s Cassidy my 10 year old in her new favorite T.  She’s not old enough to read Leviathan or the even the hangtag but she sure likes her T.


That being said, if you aren’t any of the above you really need to get your hands on an issue or two or three. E-mail Mike at mikebrown@slugmag.com to get yourself a copy. He’ll want 2 bucks from you which is a bargain or just come by the shop and you can read my issue #9 and #10.

10, he has 10 of these gems out there and I only have #9 and #10. Gotta get my hands on 1 through 8.


24 Aug

My legs have been an easy target for a daily dose of spider silk for the last couple of weeks. The cobwebs had wrapped themselves so tight around my thighs I could barely get my leg over my top tube today.

I started pedaling and could feel the effects of being off the bike for a couple of weeks. It took about an hour but the cobwebs slowly started breaking and falling away. It felt good, real good.

Riding my bike not only busted through the cobwebs on my legs it also cleaned out a few that had been accumulating in my grey matter.

Tonight after my ride I realized that I’m functioning better than I have for a while. My brain is clear, my legs feel good, my body invigorated, my fingernails are growing again and my eczema has all cleared up. I’m telling you, riding a bike is good medicine. Oh, and I’m writing a blog post. Riding a bike could be the end-all, be-all.

I’m going to ride every day this week. That’s my goal. It’s going to be a great week.


9 May

As a member of The Church of The Blue Dome there are certain rules, or commandments if you will, that one is expected to obey. However, the Church allows each member to interpret the rules to a certain degree according to their circumstances.

I may have flexed my interpretation of the rules a bit. Some may even say I’m now an apostate. Maybe, maybe not. But probably not, it is my church after all.

One of the great things about religion, and mine is no different, is revision. Like all great religion’s founders I’m allowed to pretty much do as I may. So, I’m going to rewrite some of the rules to accomodate my current circumstances.

That being said, I am forsaking the Dork Bike. Blasphemous, I know. Allow me to ‘splain.

I’ve found some new truth that I was lacking. I’m merely adding this new truth to my existing truth to form a more perfect religion.

Beware the Vassago Jabberwocky:

Granted, not too dork. Other than breaking rule (commandment) # 3, Rim Brakes Only, I’m still keeping 7 of the original 8 commandments. That’s much better than most religion’s founders and besides I’ll be revising those rules as to comply with all of them soon enough.

Tasha has also been enlightened with more truth and will be riding a frumious Bandersnatch to church.

These new truths would never have been known without the aid of Misty and Kris at Vassago Cycles who saw that we were heading down the wrong trail and steered us back to the twisty and narrow. Thank you!

Not apostasy after all, thankfully, but a magnification of truth leading to a fullness of the gospel of The Church of The Blue Dome heretofore unknown.

Callooh! Callay!

New Recovery Drink

6 May

I’ve been working on a recovery drink to complement CarboRocket. Its been a tedious process with lots of testing and a lot of overtime on my part. It’s finally ready and I couldn’t be more pleased. I think you’ll agree after trying it that there just isn’t anything like it on the market. I proudly present Bohemian Brewery’s Czech Pilsener.

CarboRocket before and during your ride or race and Bohemian Brewery’s Czech Pilsener afterward. A partnership made in heaven. You’ll be recovering so fast your head will spin. Guaranteed!

I’ll be at the premier Soldier Hollow race tomorrow as a platinum sponsor of the weekly race series passing out samples of CarboRocket and “educating” you on the new recovery drink. Look for the banners and please stop by.


29 Apr

As I was suffering up the switchbacks on Friday I was thinking that I just wanted to go home and that no way am I doing this again tomorrow. I don’t care what kind of heckling I have to endure. Maybe I’ll just ramble around camp all day clipping my toenails and waiting for everyone or go float down the river. Anything but getting back on that stupid damn dork bike again.

Of course, I changed my mind as soon as everyone started showing up that night bringing excitement and nervous energy to camp. Most importantly, I certainly didn’t want to miss out on being witness to any of the suffering that I knew would take place.

Here’s Mark Warner already in the fetal position at the half way point.

Surprisingly, there seemed to be very little suffering or people were just really good at hiding it.

That’s the longest tongue I’ve ever seen.

The highlight of the day for me was riding with and watching Eric complete his first RAWROD. The dude has never been on a bike for longer than 2 hours in his life and he did it on a rigid bike no less. Sorry, no props for the single speed because we all know its the easy way out but way to go bro! I also really dig the Highland Games kit you were sporting. Is that a kilt?

I don’t think I saw a single person finish who didn’t have a smile plastered on their face. Of course, how could you not smile when someone hands you a brew?

Even BotchedExperiment Dan was grinning or is he gritting his his teeth to keep the vomit in? He is looking a little pasty.

Friday was hard and not very enjoyable but it was incredibly satisfying. I ate nothing but gels and blocks. Saturday was just a total blast and I ate nothing but cookies, licorice and lots of mooched food. I loved every minute of it except for about 8 min at mile 80ish when I decided that I had had enough of sitting on a bike seat and pedaling in circles. Kenny and I had a cold brew at the top of Hardscrabble and I immediately felt better.

So much better that I began thinking that the back to back RAWROD should become a tradition. Who’s in?

I took a lot pictures of people climbing Murphy’s and at the top of Horse Thief. Help yourself.