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Jersey Review

27 Oct

I haven’t been attending my church meetings on a regular basis lately but I’ve made it to the church of the Blue Dome several days in a row.

Yesterday my Church attire consisted of my brand new FatCyclist jersey. I have to say it is the most comfortable jersey I have ever worn. It’s silky soft, breathes great, fits perfectly and most importantly it looks great on me. Get one.

As much as I like the looks of the original orange Fatcyclist jersey that I wear all the time it happens to be the most uncomfortable jersey I have ever worn. I think it’s made of canvas tent fabric from a Springbar tent which is great for UV and wind protection but it sure is hot and stuffy. It can even stand up on its own.

Props to Twinsix and Fatty for getting the latest jersey perfect. I think I’ll order a couple more.