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I Hate The Mailman

19 Feb

Most of the time that is. Today however,  he came through in spades. I like him again.  He dropped off  a nice little package from the fine folks at Vassago.  Inside the box was a very pumpkin colored ODIS fork to complete the pumpkin pie jabber build and a 29 inch WTB Weirwolf 2.55 tire.

I gotta say I’ve never been so excited about a tire in my whole life.  Do people get excited about tires?  It looks huge, has huge volume and a nice round profile.  I think it may be the perfect all day epic 29er tire.  It’s so big that I may actually get 2 inches of travel out my rigid front end after I set it up tubeless.

I tossed it on the gram scale and it came in at 748grams, 34 grams lighter than stated on WTB’s website.  A little portly but not bad for how freaking big it is.  Here it is mounted up on a Salsa Delgado front wheel and clamped into the ODIS.


Time to hit the snow, where I’m confident it’ll feel right at home.  I’ll post up a review after a few rides in the dirt.  That is, if I ever see dirt again.