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WORS Alterra Race Report

31 Aug

I’m up to 3 races now in the Midwest each in a different state.  They all share two things in common, lots of tight twisty single track and hot, wet heat.  I’m slowly but surely acclimating.

I Finally got a WORS series race under my belt and it did not disappoint.  It was the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic at Crystal Ridge, Wisconsin.

WORS puts on a well organized, professional race. ICUP ain’t too far behind though.  In the bang for buck category WORS wins hands down with bigger turnout, just as stiff competition, equally great venues and medals for everyone on the podium all for a measly $25.

This was the first race with some serious climbs, steep enough to hurt but not long enough to get much distance on anyone.  Alterra offered up the twistiest, tightest and most single track of the 3 races I’ve done.  My single track skills are progressing but not once in the 3 races I’ve done have I ever felt like I was in any sort of rhythm.  I did however, pass way more racers in the one track than passed me.  Progress.

Alterra was also the hottest, by far, of the 3 races.  More CR before the race was key to feeling great the entire race with no fade. Or it might have been Half Acre riders Jen and Paul-Brian cheering and dumping ice water on me. There were 19 in my 40+ category and I ended up 5th.  I’ll take it but think I could have moved up a couple places just by getting to the front before hitting the single track.

The Pro Men’s podium.  Guerra 1st, Braun 2nd and Matter 3rd.

Any good race day is not complete without some good food.  All road trips that pass through Wisconsin now require a mandatory stop, the Mars Cheese Castle.  A little bit of kitsch and a whole lot of killer sandwiches.  Try the 3-cheese and tomato grilled cheese.

Thursday I fly to Salt Lake to ride the Park City Point 2 Point and fill racer’s water bottles with CR.  Yes, I said ride.

Back To School Pie

18 Mar

Note: Team website is up and they have been posting on a near daily basis.  Stop by and say hello.

We are going back to school. By we, I mean Tasha but me and the girls will tag along. Long story short, Tasha has been accepted into doctoral programs at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Chicago, she so smart.

We have spent the last couple weeks visiting both cities and universities to try and figure out where we should go. Needless to say it’s going to be a very difficult choice. We really liked both cities so it’s coming down to faculty and what each school has to offer. And of course, pizza and bike shops. I’m still trying to pedal off the countless deep dish pies and bbq I consumed.

It was my job to assess the bike shop and pizza pie scenes. Here’s the rental bike from Big Shark in St. Louis on the river front trail. Decent Cannondale road bike that took me on a 4 hour ride into Illinois and back to Missouri. Mike and the crew at Big Shark are awesome by the way and had me sold on St. Louis after 5 minutes.

Here’s the longest bike only bridge in the U.S. just North of St. Louis. Illinois is on the far side.

Ah, Pie! From PI in St. Louis. It was incredible, never had a crust like that anywhere. St. louis is ranking very high on my short list.

On to Chicago. The University of Chicago looking North from the Social Services Administration building.

I must admit the bike shops left something to be desired. I visited 4 different shops around the University area and they all had weird hours or were by appointment only and seemed to cater to repairs only. This shop is through the blue door in the background, if you can get through the gate.

After visiting 4 shops I came up with this Fuji as the best rental I could find. I had packed my shoes and pedals with me and when I asked the shop owner if I could at least put my own pedals on the bike he said, “No, that’s a real pain in the ass.” Ok. I spent the next 2 hours in jeans and Chuck Taylors on this bike, my ass still has wounds.

Here’s the shop where I rented the bike. When it says “Things” they aren’t kidding. Half the shop is a giant bird cage with parrots and bird shit everywhere and the other half was occupied by dogs of every size and chewed up furniture. Turns out the proprietor and sole employee has a bit of a reputation around town and has even been written up in the Chicago Sun Times, go figure. Nod goes to St Louis for bike shop.

Back to pie. Pequod’s in Lincoln Park had the craziest pie I’d ever seen and I barely made it through one slice. Nod goes to Chicago for pie. I know, it’s hard to believe that that is actually a slice of pizza, looks more like road kill.

There you have it, pizza pie or bike shop? Not sure.