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Back To Reality

19 Feb

It’s harsh. Coming home after being gone for 10 days isn’t easy. The consequence of only one bike ride in 2 weeks and gorging myself on great food hit home this morning when I stepped on the scale. 8 pounds! 8 pounds gained in only 10 days. The first ICUP race of the season is only 2 weeks away and I’m feeling fat and slow.

A few biking related things have happened while I’ve been gone. I got into the Leadville Trail 100. This will be Leadville race number 5. If I had to race it today I predict I would pull off a 10:30 finish time. I’ve got 7 months to knock 2 hours off of that time. That’s my goal 8:30 unless of course someone talks me into riding it just for fun and not racing. I could easily be swayed right now and that would sure make my summer a lot easier.


Vintage Brianhead Epic 100 shot of Elden & Kenny. Don’t they look cute in their matching kit? And so young.

Elden thinks he’s going to do the Brianhead Epic stage race. Which means I’ll have to do it as well to avoid the name calling and public humiliation if I try to weasel out of it. I could probably handle the name calling if it was just Elden but it looks like Rick S. and Kenny will be there as well and there’s nothing worse than not being part of the post ride story telling. Dug, you in?

Action items for now: Lose 8 pounds in the next 10 days. I think its doable. If I can gain 8 in 10 days why not lose it in 10 days?. Re-arrange summer calendar to accommodate the Brianhead Epic.