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ICUP, Dealers and Pushers

22 Mar

First, a glimpse of the secret weapon I’ll be debuting at the ICUP in the very near future. It’s been built specifically to kick some ass on a couple of the ICUP courses, so specialized I may never ride it any other time. Thanks to Sabrosa Cycles for the artwork passing as a stem and Ritchey for the uber white and light bar and lastly Vassago for the White Devil Jabberwocky. I’m not showing any other cards til race day, you’ll just have to come on out to see the whole package.

Keep your eyes peeled and browsers browsing for the Black Devil, coming soon.

CarboRocket is starting to turn into a real job. Tasha may say otherwise but that’s what I’m saying. Online orders have been growing every day and new shops in Utah and other states, yes, other states, are starting to stock product. There is even a CarboRocket Team for crying out loud. I almost can’t keep up and am temporarily out of stock on a couple flavors, back in stock soon though.

Here are the shops that currently stock CarboRocket:


Washington State


Huge thanks to all the loyal customers, pushers and dealers! I’d still be mixing it in my bathtub if not for you.

Pumpkin Pie

21 Jan

As much as I love dessert I’d never make it as a baker, I’d have customers yelling at me non-stop. The pumpkin pie took me forever to finish. Although it’s edible, it’s not quite done.



I still need to mount the matching orange ODIS fork. This will however, more than suffice for Camp Lynda this weekend.

Yes, I like to show lots of post and I have long sexy legs.

More build details coming.

JabberWocky Top 10

24 Oct

With the arrival of my new ride for the 2009 season I got to thinking about this past season on my first Jabberwocky and how much I’ve enjoyed the bike.

What’s so sweet about a JabberWocky? How about a top 10?

  1. Comes in pumpkin color, I thought it was orange but it’s really pumpkin, pumpkin spice with cream cheese accessories.
  2. Head tube gusset.
  3. I get to say, “JabberWocky” or “jabber” all the time.
  4. Cool looking, functional dropouts. Easy rear wheel removal.
  5. Simple, effective chain tensioning. Better than eccentric or sliders, I’ve had both.
  6. Best descending hard tail I’ve ever ridden, even better than the dork bike.
  7. I own one.
  8. I forget what 8 is for.
  9. Misty, Chris and company at Vassago.
  10. Wet Cat geometry: angry, fast and agile like a wet cat.

There you have it. Buy a Vassago JabberWocky, you will love it.

Just In Time For Halloween

22 Oct

A brand new orange Jabberwocky.

I’m thinking it needs a white stem, seatpost, cranks, wheels and fork.

It’s Just what my therapist ordered. I can’t wait to bash it at Fall Moab.

Thanks, Misty, Chris, James and crew at Vassago! You guys rock.


9 May

As a member of The Church of The Blue Dome there are certain rules, or commandments if you will, that one is expected to obey. However, the Church allows each member to interpret the rules to a certain degree according to their circumstances.

I may have flexed my interpretation of the rules a bit. Some may even say I’m now an apostate. Maybe, maybe not. But probably not, it is my church after all.

One of the great things about religion, and mine is no different, is revision. Like all great religion’s founders I’m allowed to pretty much do as I may. So, I’m going to rewrite some of the rules to accomodate my current circumstances.

That being said, I am forsaking the Dork Bike. Blasphemous, I know. Allow me to ‘splain.

I’ve found some new truth that I was lacking. I’m merely adding this new truth to my existing truth to form a more perfect religion.

Beware the Vassago Jabberwocky:

Granted, not too dork. Other than breaking rule (commandment) # 3, Rim Brakes Only, I’m still keeping 7 of the original 8 commandments. That’s much better than most religion’s founders and besides I’ll be revising those rules as to comply with all of them soon enough.

Tasha has also been enlightened with more truth and will be riding a frumious Bandersnatch to church.

These new truths would never have been known without the aid of Misty and Kris at Vassago Cycles who saw that we were heading down the wrong trail and steered us back to the twisty and narrow. Thank you!

Not apostasy after all, thankfully, but a magnification of truth leading to a fullness of the gospel of The Church of The Blue Dome heretofore unknown.

Callooh! Callay!