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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Time Trialist

12 Jun

Seriously, what are you doing wearing your aero helmets and shouting, “On your left.” on 7th East in Sandy during rush hour?

Before someone calls me an idiot I really believe that there is a time and place for an aero helmet. It will probably give you a little edge in a time trial and I’m sure its an advantage to use one during the bike leg of a triathlon. I’ve even done a few triathlons myself although, without the aid of an aero helmet or aero bars.

Tasha and I were out on our mountain bikes doing an easy spin down 7th east in Sandy this evening trying to work out the kinks from the Sundance race last night.

I was several bike lengths in front of Tasha spinning along in the massive bike lane, really, its as wide as a car lane. Why can’t every street have bike lanes like 7th east? Anyways, all of a sudden I hear, “On your left.” What? Whoosh, whoosh a couple of time trialists or triathletes go cruising by.

How did I know I they were time trialists or triathletes? The aero helmets they were sporting of course and the aero bars. My first thought was that maybe there was a race going on. Nope, it’s rush hour and we’re on 7th east and besides, they don’t have any grease paint numbers on their calves.

What are they doing wearing aero helmets? Why would anybody wear an aero helmet anytime other than during a time trial? Why do they need to say, “on your left”?

Maybe, just maybe, they are triathlon dorks. Silly me, I get it now. I should be cheering the use of aero helmets for any ride. I’m still not sure about the “on your left” with a 20 ft wide shoulder though.