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2 Jun

That’s what the stopwatch read when I looked down at it this afternoon. That is, right after I put myself back together after having my first ever head-on collision with another mountain biker. And by head on I mean not just bikes but foreheads and shoulders.

He was a little dazed and confused and I’m actually surprised he didn’t pass out as he was looking pretty wobbly. I guess that’s what he gets for colliding with my massive deltoid. I stopped long enough to make sure he was going to be OK, re-attach my brake lever, apologize (he was hurt not me although I blame him for the crash) and offer to douse him with water to snap him back to reality. I have the outline of his eye socket permanently pressed into my shoulder.

It felt like I was on my way to a record Clark’s TT. I had been punishing myself for over 10 minutes and even managed to get by two bikers and one hiker already and could feel the record within my reach. I was at the top with the finish practically in sight. I get nauseous thinking about trying it again.

I’ve tried 3 times now. I flatted once, too muddy the 2nd time and now the head-on collision. I guess there’s always next week.

On the bright side I posted a 3:27 on Jacob’s ladder and rode the new Ghost Falls trail. I predict that It will be even better than Clark’s. It’s all cut in and ridable albeit a little rough. Access is just to the left of the old Ghost Falls access off the upper Corner Canyon road.