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Goodbye E 100

27 May

I’m sure many got the e-mail from Boris yesterday saying he couldn’t organize any of the E 100 events this year.

“I am taking a year off from organizing cycling events…This year I don¹t have the same energy, enthusiasm or mental strength to continue my personal challenge – creating and managing The E 100 races.”

I’m not entirely sure why he’s bowing out but I think that maybe Boris was a little too ambitious in trying to host 4 different endurance events all tied to the E 100. It not only diluted the events but I think in the end it wore out the promoter and the volunteers. it could be an opportunity for someone to step in and create a new classic Park City 100 mile mountain bike race.

One thing I am sure of is that I liked hurting myself at the couple of E 100 events that I participated in over the last few years and that I’ll miss not being to able to suffer at those events in the future. I won’t however, miss the Leadville priced entry fees. I don’t want or need cool schwag, pre and post race dinner or stocked aid stations but I expect that to be reflected in the entry fee. I’m such a whiner.

His e-mail made it sound like he was leaving the door open for someone to come in and take over the events. I hope that someone steps forward and continues some sort of Park City 100 mile mountain bike event. It’s too good of a venue to not have a 100 miler.

We all know the single track in Park City and Deer Valley is as good as it gets anywhere so all thats left is figuring out how to organize a big 100 miler party like Leadville or the Cascade Creampuff. Make it something that is the highlight of the mountain biking season for the participants, a race you would want to return to year after year no matter how far away you live.