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Spring Break

12 Apr

We finally took the kids to Disneyland.  Much to my great disappointment they are no longer the only kids on the block that haven’t been to Disneyland.  The good news is that now I never have to go back.


I learned a valuable lesson that I’d like to pass on to anyone about to head to Disneyland or any other amusement park for that matter.  Never, under any circumstance, get on a ride immediately after eating one of these monsters along with a couple $7 IPA’s.


You will totally regret it.  I promise.  That thing was as big as Kendra’s leg and the 4 of us couldn’t eat it all.  The following picture doesn’t even come close to conveying the gravity of my situation.


All in all I would have to say that taking the kids to Disnelyland wasn’t nearly as bad as I though it would be.  I actually had a great time, much more fun than I expected.  Plus, I got this totally cool hat.


Keeping with the cycling theme of this blog I thought I’d also share this cool little video that Elden shot of Jamie P and myself jetting around corner canyon a few weeks ago.  Happy Easter!

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