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16 Feb

In just a couple days I’ve received over 100 stories (thanks for spreading the word Fatty!) from folks around the world who claim to be ordinary. Truth be told they are all far from ordinary. I’ve read every single one of them over the long weekend and have now responded to everyone that submitted something prior to today. I’ll get back to everyone, eventually.

I thought I’d share a couple of the stories to give you an idea of who our future team riders are, I’m keeping them anonymous for now.

As an eight year old I lost my right leg to cancer. In 2006, I rode 6580km across Canada to raise money for kids with cancer. I can ride forever, but slowly.This year that’s changing. I will no longer be the tortoise, but the hare (I do like to nap). I’m starting racing. Of course, I only have half the “engine” of a regular racer, but I have more desire and determination.I’ve raced once; I finished 1201 of 1204. No excuses; results must improve. I’m competing in the same race, and will ride ‘cross in the fall. I will be in the top 900 this year, and in the top 75% in ‘cross. I won’t ever win, I can guarantee that. But I’ll become a smart racer, who will fight like hell for every position and love every agonizing moment.

And this:

I weighed 325 pounds last January. I weigh 268 today. Not the biggest person in the world but big enough. In November, I will complete a 1/2 Ironman. After suffering through years of depression and struggling with suicidal tendencies, I have come along way. Far enough that I am now EXCITED to live and EXCITED to be as healthy as I can be. I am not pursuing these things for the sake of accomplishment. I am doing this for life. I am doing this to prove that mental illness doesn’t have to win. That being “morbidly obese” doesn’t meen death. I am doing this for my wife and son – so that I live to see them grow old and so that we can grow old together.I am 30 years old, morbidly obese and overcoming clinical depression but seeking the journey of a lifetime.A 1/2 Ironman is hard enough for a fit man. It is near impossible for someone of my size. Losing another 75-90 pounds will not only be crucial, it is vital to the accomplishment.

I need to go back and edit part of the “press release” for the team. The part where I say, “We will be there when you fall down, first to laugh at you and then give you a hand up, a dusting off and a gentle push onward.” I won’t be laughing, I’ll be cheering, jumping up and down and making a complete fool of myself.

What’s crazy is that all of the submissions are compelling. I have no idea how to get to just 10 team members.


Team CarboRocket

11 Feb
Team CarboRocket is looking for a few good, ordinary folks who are on the verge of doing something extraordinary. You may not even know what that extraordinary thing is yet, but you can feel it burning inside of you.  Hopefully, you already enjoy cycling, be it on the road or mountain.

Team membership is open to anyone who’s interested in doing something big. You may be a total novice or a seasoned veteran, we care not.  What we do care about is that — whatever your extraordinary goal may be — there is an enormous gap between where you are now and achieving that goal.  Maybe you are overweight. Maybe you have never ridden even a tenth the distance you’re hoping to ride. Maybe you’re missing a limb or two.  Whatever hurdle you have to reaching your goal should make you dig very deep.

If this isn’t clear here’s an example:  You are currently an expert level mountain biker with a resume stacked with impressive finishes and maybe even some sponsors and you want to finish the Leadville 100 mountain bike race because you’ve never done it.  Sorry, not digging deep enough, no need to apply.

If, however, you’re a sport-level mountain biker and you’ve been thinking that the Great Divide Race is a little bit too short and you think it’s about time somebody rides from Canada to Mexico and then back, well yeah. We’d like to hear more.

What’s in it for you?  You will be supported and sponsored by none other than Ibis Cycles in conjunction with Bingham Cyclery, CarboRocket sports drink, Ritchey components and the ever humble FatCyclist.com.  We can’t divulge exactly what awesome deals and swag you will be getting from each of these sponsors because we are still trying to figure out what Fatty is contributing. Maybe he’ll publish your stories. Maybe he’ll give you his super-secret recipe for quiche. It’s hard to say for sure. But we will say that you will like being sponsored by us.  A lot.

What’s in it for us?  We love a good story and we want to follow yours, from ordinary to extraordinary. We will be there when you fall down, first, to laugh at you and then give you a hand up, a dusting off and a gentle push onward.  You will keep us apprised of your progress and ultimately your attempt at completing your extraordinary goal by updating your story at regular intervals on the team blog.

We want at least half the team to be women and total team members to be 10.  We don’t want your entire story just yet, only 150 words or less.  You need to tell us a compelling snippet of your story including who you are, what extraordinary thing it is you want to accomplish and why it will be so challenging. Email your 150 words to Brad@carborocket.com. The sponsors will then pick 10 people with the most compelling stories to make up the Team.

And then we’ll come up with a cool secret handshake or something.  We look forward to hearing your outrageously cool idea. Oh yeah, there is a one week deadline for consideration.  You have until February 19, Midnight to submit your snippet.
Team CarboRocket


15 Jan

I had lunch with Chuck Ibis aka Scot Nicol of Ibis and Fatty, the only two people alive that know the true identity of BikeSnobNYC. They wouldn’t talk about that but couldn’t shut up about anything else. Seriously, non-stop chatter boxes those two.

Chuck/Scot wanted us to come to Ogden for lunch. “You been to Ogden before?” I asked Fatty. “No, you?” We have both driven past Ogden many times and maybe through Ogden, we’re not sure.

25th Street is the main drag in downtown Ogden and Scot has an old building that he has remodeled into a couple of really nice rental units. Turns out Scot has adopted Ogden as his 2nd home and has a vested interest in everything Ogden. As a matter of fact, if you need to know anything about Ogden just ask Scot.

After giving us the grand tour we ended up having lunch at the Sonora Grill. Fantastic place! The owner even made guacamole for us at our table. I’m definitely going back but will leave Fatty home next time as he was stealing guacamole from other tables.  Embarrassing.

Whenever there was a lull in conversation, and trust me theses dudes can talk, I tried to get some questions in. As best as I can remember here is how the questions went down:

Me: Scot were you at the Bayou on Monday?

Scot: Yeah, how’d you know? Some dude was staring me down and making me nervous, almost called the cops.

Me: That was Mark Kennedy, mostly harmless local celebrity stalker.

Me: What’s up with Ogden? Why Ogden?

Scot: It’s a long story but I have roots here, as a matter of fact, a great great great grandfather way down the line was part of Brigham Young’s inner circle right up until he disagreed with what was going down at Mountain Meadows and he then had a bounty on his head for 20 years.

Me: Whoa!

Scot then spent an hour taking me and Elden on a walking tour of Ogden telling us its history, the present state of affairs and the future, yep, he can see the future and it’s Ogden.

Me: What’s your favorite Ibis model ever?

Scot and Elden at the same time and before the question was out of my mouth: Ti Mojo hardtail.

There were other questions and answers but I took a blood oath not to share.  Suffice it to say Scot has something in the works that will “blow your mind”.  That’s what he said.

I’ll share some more of my plans and how they involve Scot and Fatty just as soon as I figure out exactly what the plan is.  Stay tuned and if you want to visit the coolest little city in Northern Utah check out Ogden.  Really.

Have you seen my hair lately? Damn!

2010 And Beyond

8 Jan

I tried really hard to take a month off from posting anything on the interweb.   I guess I cheated if you count tweeting and facebook.  I thought it would be cleansing and renewing but its left me feeling slightly constipated instead.

2009 is over and all I have to say about that is if you haven’t seen District 9 well, then, you really haven’t finished your 2009. Seriously, you need to see that movie before 2010 can officially start.

Twenty Ten has a nice ring to it so I’d like to make it extra special. I’m still trying to figure out the details but have a few things on my mind. For one, I plan on becoming a triathlete in 2010. Not your normal triathlete mind you. I think there are a few too many geeks in triathlon *edit-none that I know of course* and pretty much zero dorks so I am committing to becoming a triathlon dork in 2010. I addition to racing triathlons on a single speed I plan on bringing back the Speedo. Triathlon just hasn’t been the same since men stopped wearing the Speedo. And really, who needs goggles for the swim?

Back to my real passion, mountain biking. I plan on doing a handful of ICUP’s and I’ll throw in as many 12 hour and 100 milers as possible. 12 Hours of Mesa Verde sounds cool as well as the 12 hous of Temecula.  My focus for 2010 will be the Butte 100 with my final push of the season being the Park City Point 2 Point, 2 of the best races anywhere! If I’m flush and feeling good I may try to do La Ruta, I’ve dreamt about that one for years.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention anything about 24 hour races or Leadville.  Until they figure out how to get rid of the riding between 12 am and 6 am I am protesting 24 hour races and I can pay for most of the years entry fees for what they want at Leadville this year.

Yes, 2010 will be a good year.  See you on the trails and on the road and maybe in the pool…nah, not the pool.

Invaginate A Free Jersey

13 Dec

That word got my attention too and I’m not talking about “free” or “jersey”.

I’ve been working on Dawkins “The Greatest Show On Earth” now for a couple weeks. It’s mostly, as in 80%, very engaging, readable and a real page turner. Except for the 20% that wasn’t. I slogged through the embryology and DNA chapters like I was pushing my bike through wet clay, those chapters sucked.

Not all was lost on the embryology chapter though as I learned a new word “invaginate” It kinda rolls off the tongue. Fold inwards to form a hollow, you’ll have to read the book to know how it relates to evolution, I just happen to like the way it sounds.

On to more important matters, a free CarboRocket jersey. I am giving away a free CarboRocket team jersey and as of today you have a 1 in 48 chance of winning.

If you like Facebook click here to enter.

If you are more partial to Twitter click here.

You’ll get a free 25-serving package of CarboRocket along with the jersey and if you sign up for the Twitter contest anyone clicking on your twitter link will automatically give you an extra entry!

No need to use your invagination to win a free jersey, just click on one of the above links.

Halloween Double Cross Weekend

3 Nov

CX season is officially half over as of Sunday.  6 weekends down, 6 to go.  I’ve now started 5 races (on 4 weekends) and finished 3.  I think I am starting to get it, at least a little bit, and I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Do more than 1 race a year. It only took me a decade and a half of lining up at the rate of 1 race per year, never to do very well nor return the following weekend, to finally discover the secret to cross racing.  I have been missing out and it’s my own fault.
  2. Dance with who brung ya.   In my case that is riding a single speed.  It’s what I know.  I just feel safer, more comfortable and faster on the SS than a geared bike.  Anyone want a Fuji geared cross bike?  Take it for as long as you like, size 58, it’s yours.
  3. It ain’t over til it’s over.  You just never know how these things are going to shake out until the last seconds, maybe that’s what I’m finding so addictive about cross.

Sunday didn’t have quite as many lined up as Saturday but I’d say we still had 20+ on the line.  I can’t believe how hard everyone takes it out on the first couple laps, maybe I need to work on that or just warm up for more than 2 minutes.  I didn’t start to feel good until the bell lap.

At the start of the bell lap I was sitting in 5th and happy to be there.  I had been riding behind Steve Wasmund most of the day and he had just passed Patrick Ramirez and then Wasmund crashed out.  I somehow got my wheel in front of Ramirez’ at the finish.

Sager ended up with the W, no surprise there but I surprised myself with 3rd.

I’m addicted, the hooks are in deep.

Utah CX #4 and #5

31 Oct

Race #4 in Draper went so bad for me I haven’t been able to write about it.  I’s now been a week and I had a much better race #5 at Wheeler Farm today.  I feel like I can revisit Draper for at least a sentence, maybe two or maybe more.

Last Saturday was CX in my backyard!  I was so excited and felt like I would surely own the course.


Not exactly.

In the following photo (thanks, Lyna) Tom Cook shows how to properly execute a run up.  Me?  Not so much.  Tom is clearly aimed up the hill, shoulders squared while  I am clearly aimed for somewhere else.

Shortly after this shot I jumped back on my bike, with no small amount of grace I assure you, and the rear tire exploded off the rim.  Done after 2 laps.


That’s OK I brought a geared (shudder) cross bike and jumped into the 35 A’s.  2 laps in and the chain got sucked into the crank and rings so badly that I would only just break the chain and fix it a couple days ago.  Done after 2 laps.

3 starts for the season and just 1 finish.  No expectations today at Wheeler Farm.  I didn’t even decide to go until about 11 this morning and hadn’t gotten around to changing my flat from last week, it’s been too cold ride all week anyway.

Kaboom!I covered the garage and myself in Stan’s this morning about an hour before the start.  I still can’t feel my fingers.


HUGE turnout today.  Someone said over 400 racers between all the classes.  We had over 30 in the single speed class (yes, I am a hypocrite) with about half dressed up like Rick S. That’s him in the baby blue tux.


Loved the course, lots of fun if not a little flat.  I think I finished 5th which I’ll take with a big grin on my face.  I could get into this cross stuff.  It’s amazingly addictive.

My goal this year was to do at least 2 cross races and I have now done that.  Am I done? No way.

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween from me and Cassidy the gay firefighter.