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Snowbird Hill Climb And A 100 Mile Hangover

23 Aug

Here come the excuses. Its been 3 weeks since the Butte 100 race and I still have a 100 mile hangover. I’m eating anything and everything in sight. I have no self control whatsoever, unbridled gluttony. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained 10 pounds and the hair of the dog has become my daily breakfast.

I’ve decided that riding bikes isn’t any fun anymore. The few times I’ve been out I’ve felt like shit. To add insult to injury I’ve been battling a cold for the last week.

How should one cope with such a situation? Race the Snowbird hill climb of course.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that as long as I have been riding and racing bicycles here in Utah I have never done the Snowbird hill climb. I’m not sure why because there isn’t anything I enjoy more than riding up really steep hills on my road bike. Not so much on Saturday.

It hurt from the get go and I was barely able to keep it spinning in the granny gear. I knew my race was over when I got passed by the dude in Nike basketball shorts, t-shirt and skate helmet.

Where to from here? I don’t know but I think I’ll have another slice of pizza and another cookie.