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It’s Going To Hurt

15 Dec

But it will be worth it. Why? I don’t know yet but there will be a reward for participating in the weekly shop ride tomorrow. It may be a material reward but most likely an intrinsic reward.

It should be a balmy 27 degrees at Noon. I think arm and leg warmers will suffice if you are from Maine. For the rest of is we should bundle up.

Road ride for an hour or until my toes and fingers break off at which point I will turn around.

Noon sharp! Unless it’s dumping snow then we will just hit Bevalo’s.

Finally, A Road Ride

9 Dec

Bring your booties.  It’s really cold out and the trails are covered in snow so, I thought it would be a good day for a road ride.  Leaving SLC Bike at Noon today for an hour tour around the SLC followed by something warm from Bevalo.

I really haven’t ridden my road bike around downtown much so, I’m not sure of a good route for an hour ride.  Any suggestions?

What Does A Lunch Ride Look Like?

2 Dec

If I had never been on a lunch ride the question I would ask is, “what would a lunch ride look like?” To answer that question I submit the following pictures:

trike brad1 dug marka dugonbars brent zenger bob

Now that you know the answer, what are you waiting for?

Leaving from the SLC Bicycle today, as in every Tuesday, at Noon. Bring your mountain bike.

I almost forgot, in order to make it a proper lunch ride there will be slices at Este Pizzeria post ride.


4 Nov

Brent was moving into his new office in the basement of SLC Bike and I thought he needed a fancy floor. It had been a while since I’ve messed around with concrete so I was itching to bust out the tools and see what my muse had in mind.



I told Brent that I’d do the floors for him in exchange for a new Madone. Well, that’s how I remember the conversation.