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Ladies Night

3 Feb

I’m not a lady but if I was I’d be here on Thursday night. Actually, I’ll be there anyway.


Tori with Trek’s Womens Specific Design will be at Salt Lake City Bicycle for the evening to discuss women’s cycling. Topics will include: bicycle maintenance, bicycle fit, fitness etc.


I hear there will be treats and a few circus acts.  Be there or be elsewhere, just be.

Friday Lunch Ride

19 Nov

Look at me giving everyone more than a 3 hour notice for a lunch ride. Here it is only Wednesday night and I’m announcing Friday’s lunch ride. I am so on the ball I should be CEO of something important.

Check out the sweet 29 and Single jersey that Rick S. is producing and most of us were wearing on Tuesday’s lunch ride:


Everyone loved the Bobsled loop so much we are doing it again on Friday. I think it took us just over an hour on Wednesday so, plan accordingly. We will be Leaving SLC Bicycle at Noon sharp. No lallygagging, right dug?

Make sure to bring your camera as I’m riding the drop at the bottom of the Bobsled on the rigid Jabberwocky. Possible carnage.

Oh, Bob is bringing twizzlers for lunch.

Ride suffer rating = 4. That’s on a 1-5 scale with 5 being puke worthy.

Could there be a better way to spend lunch? Didn’t think so.

World Premier

18 Nov

Today at Noon sharp SLC Bicycle will be hosting the inaugural weekly lunch ride. Yeah, sorry for the late notice. I promise to give details for next weeks lunch ride by Friday of this week so you can plan accordingly.

We will be riding mountain bikes today doing the the Bobsled loop from the shop. Plan on 45-55 minute ride time if you ride like Troy from Maine and 90+ minutes if you ride like Brent. Sorry, Brent but I’m just repeating what you said.

I think dug will bringing Twizzlers for lunch. You’ve got 3 hours to prepare, see you all there.

Bike, Not A Bike

24 Sep

When is a bike not a bike?

When Brent says it’s not, that’s when.

All of the following contraptions, er, bikes have been in the shop recently but only one of them elicited the response, “that’s not a bike” from Brent.

Since Brent has worked around bikes and bike shops longer than anyone I know I am going to defer to him as the authority on bikes. If I were a trial lawyer and needed an expert witness on bikes I’d call Brent.

Which is not a bike?

The first person to guess correctly gets a free can of CarboRocket.

SLC Bicycle

9 Sep

I’ve been struggling with a way to introduce SLC Bicycle, looking for an angle if you will. I decided that I’ve been over thinking it and just need to start writing.

Since we’ve been open for 8 weeks this isn’t really new news to anyone but in case you haven’t stopped by the shop here are some pics to get you up to speed quickly.

If you are scratching your head right now I must explain that I started working with Brent Hulme here at SLC Bicycle about 9 weeks ago in order to stop the mortgage industry from blackening my soul any further.

I’ve known Brent for probably 14 years or so and I don’t know anyone who lives, breathes, sleeps and eats bikes like Brent.

I’m still very loosely involved with mortgages and only cherry pick. If you are a cherry you can still call me.

Behold, the coolest building in downtown SLC that just happens to house the coolest bike shop in Salt Lake City. The upper two stories are studio apartments that are completely solar powered. I hear the average utility bill is $8 a month.

Our crew of illegal 12 year old ace mechanics, I fear for whoever buys that tandem.

Our loyal customers. Hey, what is Mark buying that makes him smile?

Some of our customers ride bikes like this and yes we have the parts to keep them going. Have I mentioned that I love being downtown?

Can anyone shed some light on the Ride Club? If you want to catch a glimpse of this seldom seen, super secret bike club we have a couple of their members at SLC Bicycle. One of them goes by the name Troy Michaud and has got to be one of the best bike mechanics in the biz and the other one goes by the name Brent and claims to be the owner of SLC Bicycle.I can’t get any info out of either of them. They have taken vows of silence, have secret handshakes and wear the ugliest jersey’s you’ve ever seen. And apparently they like to rodeo.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday is our Grand Opening. Come by and say hello and if you promise not to tell Brent I’ll let you take the Swobo Folsom out for a powerslide session.