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Just In Time For Halloween

22 Oct

A brand new orange Jabberwocky.

I’m thinking it needs a white stem, seatpost, cranks, wheels and fork.

It’s Just what my therapist ordered. I can’t wait to bash it at Fall Moab.

Thanks, Misty, Chris, James and crew at Vassago! You guys rock.

White Rim In One Day

15 Apr

I never tire of this ride. It’s always a blast and it always hurts. I think I’ve done it a couple times a year for the last 10 years or so.

Recently, as in the last few weeks, I’ve become obsessed with how fast I could do the whole loop in one day. Chris Plesko just posted a 7:59 which seems really fast to me so that’s gonna be my benchmark.

I don’t care about any rim to rim times.  I’m only interested with the time to complete the entire loop. I’ve heard talk in the past about fast times only to then hear it was rim to rim and not the whole loop. If you’ve got a fast time I want to hear about it.

While I’m doing the loop this month I won’t be time trialing but just having a good time as part of the annual RAWROD event. Of course, there will be competitions like who can ride Murphy’s, Hard Scrabble and Horse Thief without dabbing and who can eat the most brats the night before.

I’m pretty sure whoever wins the brat contest won’t be a contender for the other contests. I could be wrong.

So, how fast has the White Rim been done and in which direction?

69’d Dork Bike Review

8 Mar

I got out for 2.5 hours on the newly 69’d dork bike this morning. I rode to and from corner canyon which is about an hours worth of pavement and got in a about an hour and a half of dirt and mud and snow. Enough ride time and varied conditions to notice a few things.

Backing up a little; I have been riding the dork bike with a Surly 1×1 fork with a 26 inch wheel which made for a really steep front end. I got used to it and it never bothered me. After switching out the stock 1×1 fork for the custom 1×1 and the 29 inch wheel the front end now sits noticeably higher but I think the geometry is right where it would be if I had a suspension fork. It felt a little weird at first but by the end of the ride I didn’t notice the higher front end too much.

The climb up corner canyon hurt. I’m not sure if it was the hard gear I was pushing or the 69’d dork bike or that my legs are fatigued after multiple days in a row on the bike but I suffered. During the climb I blamed the big front wheel. So, I need more climbing time before I can say if it’s a climb worthy setup. Initial reaction is that it’s not ideal.


BTW, you can ride the corner canyon road all the way to the big switch backs near the top. I ended up doing it twice for good measure.

Pointing the dork bike downhill was a totally different story. It rolled downhill faster than anything I’ve been on in recent memory. I was shocked at how fast and smooth the bike felt on the downhill. It didn’t matter which line I picked or what I rolled over, the bike motored. However, it’s been a while since I’ve ridden my dedicated 29er WaltWorks so it could just be the big wheel out front that I’m not used to. Either way, I loved downhilling on it.

I just need to tweak the angle of the seat a bit and maybe flip the stem over to help compensate for the higher front end, that may make the difference on the climbs. If those tweaks help on the climbs this just may be the perfect setup. I’m excited to race it next month at the Cholla Challenge.

Rules To Dork By

5 Feb

Bike dork that is. I don’t want to discuss any other type of dork you might be into. Just your bike. As a matter of fact, just your mountain bike.

I’ve been losing my focus lately. After seeing Jamie’s new ride my inner bike geek has been fighting to get out and I will not allow it.

I got like a zillion e-mails, calls, texts and comments (OK, maybe 2) from people wanting advice and rules to help them in their quest to get their dork on. I was going to ask dug to write this post for me as pretty much everything I know about getting my dork on I learned from him. He is without peer.

It looks as if dug is breaking some of the dork rules in this picture but he borrowed that bike from someone just before the race.


Here they are, your top ten rules to dork by:

  1. Never buy anything. Beg, borrow or steal what you need.
  2. Your frame should be steel. Aluminum is OK in a pinch.
  3. Rim brakes only. V-brakes or canti’s, I don’t care. I’m no snob.
  4. No carbon fiber, titanium, ceramic, bamboo or other exotic material unless you made it yourself.
  5. Square taper bottom bracket. Your local shop gives ’em away.
  6. No suspension.
  7. Mismatched water bottle cages, skewers, tires, brake levers, etc. For God’s sake don’t mismatch your pedals or grips that would just be stupid.
  8. I forget what 8 was for.

I could only come up with 8, whatever. You might argue that my list is incomplete. I didn’t even mention gears, derailleurs or clipless pedals, that woulda been like 11 rules. Besides, like I said, I’m no snob and while it’s possible to be even dorkier than this list suggests I do not recommend it. If you take it upon yourself to implement more rules than the ones above you run the risk of being labeled a bike dork geek. You don’t want that. That would be bad.

Single Speed Fraud

26 Jan

I’m a fraud. I’ve been riding and racing a single speed mountain bike for many years and thinking I’m pretty cool. I’m not.

I don’t own a geared mountain bike so I think I’m entitled to opine about single speeds.

Pretty much every race I’ve ever raced a spectator or fellow racer will comment on the fact that I’m on a single speed. I just kind of smile and cruise on by. It makes me feel cool and like a fraud all at the same time. The dirty little secret is that in a lot of situations it’s actually an advantage to be on a single speed.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love passing someone on a geared bike and having them say, “Damn! dude, that is hardcore.” It feels great. there is no denying it. Here’s the thing though, It’s not hardcore. I have suffered way more on a geared bike than I ever have on a single speed. Yep, it’s true, single speeding is easier than gears. You get more breaks and recovery time on a single.


I’ve heard a number of single speeders announce that they just did such and such ride and that they were on a single speed no less. I say, big deal, you cheated.

It’s time to abolish the single speed category at all mountain bike races. Dug and I have discussed this for a few months and think you should race whatever category happens to be your ability but race it on your singlespeed. There doesn’t need to be a separate class for singlespeeders. It’s not a handicap nor a badge of honor. We need to get over ourselves. It’s fun and we know its special but we don’t need our own class. That’s just dumb.

I vow to not race in the single speed class anymore forever and ever. Amen.