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ICUP #4 Sherwood Hills

10 May

I haven’t been to Sherwood Hills for a race in about 12 years or so.  I had completely forgotten what a fantastic venue it is with nearly the entire race on wooded single track.  I also debuted the new CarboRocket tent and single serve packs.

IMG_3795 The Jabberwocky matches perfectly!

IMG_3796 KiwiLime available now and other flavors in next week.

Bob and Tim took it out hard.  So hard they had me wheezing and hacking for nearly half of the first lap.  I thought I might die.   The course didn’t have any long climbs to break things up nor any downhill sections long enough to recover.  It was pedal, pedal, pedal.  By the end of the race riders were in full on survival mode with a lot of normally fast guys limping it to the finish.

IMG_3802 Too tired to hold our heads up and Bob got a little verklempt that #3 didn’t show for the podium.  It’s OK, Bob.

Congratulations and thanks for the support to all the racers from beginner to Pro that were drinking CarboRocket.

Happy Mother’s day Momma Keyes and Tasha.  I love you both.  More on Mother’s Day later.

Sherwood Hills ICUP #4

12 May

I missed it but Tasha was there representing and represent she did. Even with all the mud (it took me half an hour to clean her bike) she came in 2nd place for the 2nd time this season. That should plant her firmly in 2nd place overall in the series after 4 races. I think it’s exactly where she needs to be this early in the season. Of course, it’s not where she wants to be at all.

Watch out next week at Soldier Hollow as she’ll have the new bike bounce riding her new Vassago Bandersnatch. That should be worth a couple shaved minutes all by itself.

I hooked up with Elden and the gang late in the p.m. for a romp around Corner Canyon. Coping through mountain biking. Is there any better therapy? It works individually or as a group. I didn’t even need my meds on Saturday.

Thanks, Elden, for letting a few of us hang out and bike with you. Special props to RickyM, GBrown and BobbyB for making the effort to be there.

BTW, Corner Canyon just gets better and better every day. I’m pretty sure Draper will become a major destination mountain biking area. It already is for the locals but I definitely see out of towners making the trek in the future. It’s that good.