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I’m So Weak

17 Mar

Usually, but not today. Today I was strong, so strong.

I went out on a road ride with the goal being to spin easily. I’ve actually got a few hard rides in lately and thought it would do me some good to take it easy today.

I was spinning along doing fine until this woman or girl, I couldn’t tell which as she was going too fast, went flying by me at warp speed on a tri-bike. I’m fine with a girl passing me and even fine that she was on a tri-bike. Really, it doesn’t bug me. At all. Seriously.

But, as she passed me she blurted out, “how you doin?” I was doing really fine until you blew past me like I was standing still thank you very much, I thought to myself.

Two thing happened at that very instant that prove I’m not as weak as I thought I was, at least not today anyways.

First, I bit my tongue and didn’t blurt out, “I’m just doing a recovery ride today.” which woulda made me seem like an idiot even though that is what I was thinking. Instead I said, “fine thanks, you?” Of course, she didn’t hear a word.

Second, I overcame the almost impossible to overcome urge to stand up, sprint by her and leave her in my dust. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to catch her but that’s not the point.

The point is I was tempted and didn’t take the bait. My flesh ain’t ain’t so weak. I can walk proud. I am strong. I have self discipline.

Desert Rampage 2008

2 Mar

I think I got more miles in this January than any other January to date. Even with the harsh winter we had in Northern Utah I still got in some extended weekends with long days of saddle time in Southern Utah and plenty of hours on the trainer while at home. I gave it all back in February.

Between my trip to Vietnam and being really sick most of last week I think I got on my bike a total of 3 times the entire month of February. I’m not complaining though, I did get that nice trip in and then I got to crew for my girls at the Rampage on Saturday.

They kicked ass. Tasha took 2nd in the women’s 35+ category and Kendra and Cassidy came in 1st and 2nd respectively in the girls 10-12 age group. I got to take care of them and cheer them on from the sidelines and take lots of pictures. That’s right, I didn’t race. I didn’t even take my bike so as not to be tempted.


I had a blast spectating for a change. I enjoyed watching the suffering as each racer headed out on another lap. Some with yellow rivers of snot flowing from nostrils to lips. I guess I wasn’t the only one getting over a cold or flu but my snot would have been green.

One of my favorite things about mountain bike races is re-connecting with old acquaintances that I’d label as best friends even though I tend to only run into them at the races. For example, Doug Rock. If there was an award for the nicest human being on planet earth it would be given to him annually. And then there’s Travis Brown. Ok, I just met him after the race but he chatted me with like we were old friends.

The usual people kicked the usual butt with one notable exception. Matt Ohran, who I can safely say I’ve been able to whoop on for the last number of years, must be on drugs. He stepped it up in the pro-class no less, taking 8th out of a huge pack. Surprised the hell outta me. Way to go Matt.

I had to borrow a camera as I left mine at home but here’s some of the better pics from the race.


Leadville Debt Ratio Too High

4 Jan

I’m at the 2008 Leadville Trail 100 racers meeting / pep-rally and Ken has just finished his little cheer. The pumped up crowd is filing out of the gymnasium headed for bed or to drink some beer and take their Ambien and then go to bed. I hear my name over the PA system. “Brad Keyes and Steve Fisher please come see Ken immediately.” What? Who is Steve Fisher? Why me? What did I do? WTF?


I make my way through the crowd to the front and spot Mr. short shorts himself. I say, “Ken, I’m Brad what’s up?” “Son, I’m really sorry but we can’t let you start the race tomorrow.” I just look at him like he’s an idiot and ask, “why?” “We got your debt ratio report back and I’m so sorry but it’s just way too high and we just can’t have that kind of thing at Leadville.”

I continue looking at him like he’s an idiot and I’m silent as my mind races to figure out which debt ratio is too high and why it even matters. It must be my oxygen debt ratio, that’s got to be it I thought. “Ken, I’ve done this race before, I’ll be OK. Really.” “Son, It’s your debt to income ratio. I’m sorry, but we can’t let you race. If we let you race we’ll have to let everyone with high DTI’s race. We have to draw the line somewhere.”

And so it was, I missed out on the 2008 Leadvile Trail 100. It was just a dream I had last night but man, it was the most realistic, memorable dream I think I’ve ever had. I’m not sure what if anything it means for me this year but it’s got me worried. Tasha says not to worry too much about the race, the dream just means that I’m gay.

There Will Be Blood

27 Dec

I can’t wait to see that movie but the blood I’m talking about will be on Squaw Peak on New Year’s day. I just got an e-mail from Kenny confirming the 2nd annual New Year’s Day Squaw Peak Hill Climb is set to begin at 10:00 a.m. Here’s a pic from last year and conditions appear to be similar. Looks like 12 showed up.


Get your new year’s resolutions off to a good start. Join us for a ride that will surely turn into a race up the Squaw Peak road to the Look-out parking lot. We’ll meet at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday the 1st at the parking lot at the bottom of the Squaw Peak road. It should take about 45 minutes to an hour to climb to the top. We’ll regroup at the top and race back down to the cars. There will be blood.

Don’t miss out on all the fun. Last year we had dislocated fingers, frost bitten toes, maxed heart rates and few coughed up lungs. I’m pretty sure everyone crashed at least once.