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Park City Perfect 40

14 Jul

I turned the big 4-0 yesterday and to celebrate I signed Tasha and myself up for the Park City Perfect 10. It’s a 10 hour mountain bike race that follows a 7 mile loop in Deer Valley (time for a name change) with about 900 feet of climbing per lap and whoever does the most laps wins.

Here’s Troy Michaud from Maine in the ugliest jersey I’ve ever seen, ain’t it cool.  BTW, he can motor.  He came in 3rd overall even with 3 flats.  You heard it here first, remember the name.

Other than a flat tire on lap 5 and a broken pedal on lap 11 (turns out I can hike almost as fast as I can ride) the race went perfect for me. I lost the lead on lap 11 for about a half lap but got back and stayed there for the win.

The sportsman of the year award goes to Mick, who I just met at the start, he offered to sacrifice his race and give me his pedal when he passed me on the trail. He knew I was in the lead and just wanted to help, unbelievable! I declined but was really impressed with his attitude.

I definitely left everything on the mountain as I spent considerable time dry heaving after the race. As miserable as it was being curled up in the fetal position between bouts of heaving it was well worth it to know I gave everything and came out on top.

Dirt never felt so good.

I can’t think of a better way for a fortieth birthday to turn out.

Tasha hung in there and kept going the entire time in spite of multiple crashes and rode 50 miles of brutal single track. Way to go Tasha!

Congrats to team Holley for taking the co-ed duo win and Dave and Lynda for giving them some stiff competition. It was fun doing the last couple laps with the women’s overall winner, Jen Hanks and her significant other Shannon Bofelli who was just out riding support. Also, congrats to go Chucky and Woody for winning the men’s duo cat after Kenny and Tyson led most of the race on their single speeds.

The Vassago Jabberwocky continues to impress me with its versatility although, I think I may need to introduce a suspension fork into the mix as I’ve lost use of my right hand from that damn rigid fork. Any recommendations?