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It’s A Wrap

4 Jan

The holiday’s are over and not a moment too soon. We went to DC to spend time with Tasha’s family and eat. A lot. I gained 10 pounds from Christmas through New Year’s but it was so worth it.

Most people want to go to the top of the Washington Monument. I got the Washington monument on top of me.


The fam.


Highlight of the trip was winning the drawing for front row seats to West Side Story. Nothing like spit and sweat flying all over the stage. Loved it.


I followed up an award winning trip to DC with a jaunt to St. George and a ride around the newly award winning Zen Trail. I just awarded it the coveted Golden Chainring. Seriously, this could be the best loop in the state of Utah. It’s only 6.5 miles in length but you could spend hours and hours finding and trying technical moves both on and off the main trail.

Jon flashing a move.


Dan, not so lucky.


Top of the Zen. “Where’d Brad go?”


My favorite thing about the St. George trip. A custom sweet ass stem from Jon at Sabrosa. It’ll be the icing on the pumpkin pie Jabberwocky build. Coming soon.