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No Racing Along The Wasatch Front

18 Sep

I don’t see any races, road or mountain, scheduled for Saturday.  What to do?  I think Jamie P. has the perfect solution:


Just sending out a reminder about our trail project tomorrow morning Sat Sept 19th from 8am until noon.  We’ll be meeting at the top of Clark’s trail so just drive all the way up the Corner Canyon road to meet us at the parking area at the top of Clark’s.

The trail machine has completed another 1.25 miles of trail for us to work on.  The total length from the top of Clark’s to the bottom of the new section is over 2 miles!

We need as many people tomorrow as possible so that we can get all of this new trail ready to ride.  We’ll be clearing some over hanging limbs and smoothing the tread of the trail to finalize it for riding.  This is easy work and we can cover lots of ground but we need some more volunteers.

Please come join us even if you can’t make it for the whole morning.

If you have any questions, or if you arrive late and need to find out where we’re working, call me at 801-652-3700


Proper Muddy

24 Jan

It’s OK Tasha, Dave doesn’t bite.  I think he wants to dance.


Lynda’s good side.


The smiles say they were having a good time but the finger tells the truth.  Jen tried to tell the truth but couldn’t quite get it out.  What did the girls learn today?  Never follow Brad onto a muddy trail.


We got turned around pretty early into the ride by all the mud.  Undeterred Tasha, Jolene, Jen and Patty headed out to do laps on Church Rocks and I went home and made empanadas.