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Draper ICUP #6 Stan Crane Memorial

28 May

Someone asked me before the race how I thought I would do.  I said, “I have no expectations.”  I am such a MOFOing liar!  Of course I had expectations, I wanted to win.   I kept telling myself that I had no expectations in order to calm myself and enter into a Zen state of mind that I like to be in before the start of any race.  It’s the state of mind that does not do or think or stress or care.  It just is.  I can get there pretty easy and like to stay there for the start and part of the first lap of a race.  I sometimes have a hard time getting back to the race.  On Monday the water crossing woke me to the fact that I was in nearly last place.  Screw Zen, I gotta pedal.

Base camp.  With an extra 4  hours of waiting due to weather and course changes I was glad to have the shade.   I also went through 10 gallons of CarboRocket.


My favorite Carborocket addict.


Alex,  I know you have to say Monavie but I know what’s really in your bottle.   Your secret is safe with me.


2-live crew.


The man, the myth, the legend.  Ken the Draper trails mastermind.


1st place finish for newest CarboRocket addict, Senor Stark.


Way to rock it Tasha, you’ll get them next time.


1st, 3rd and 2nd respectively.  Nice work girls!


Rick, your gloves are white not camouflage.


I must say the new Vassago team shorts look really good even with the over color coordination I have going on.  Thanks Vassago!


I’ll take 2nd to Chris any day.  The dude was on fire and could not be denied, congrats!  Bob, you are looking way too comfortable in the tweetie chair.


Thanks to team Revolution for the killer cheese burger after the race and all the ICUP volunteers for putting on a great race.

Dessert Is Served

6 Mar

The pumpkin pie is finally ready.


I think I can safely say the pumpkin pie Jabberwocky build is the damn sexiest bike I’ve ever owned.

A few standout items if I may: Well, duh, the Vassago Jaberwocky frameset. The custom Sabrosa white stem, I can’t keep my hands off of it and neither can anyone else. A pair of Avid Elixir CR brakes, I could tug on those levers all day. One Bontrager Inform RL saddle, I even had my sit bones measured at Bontrager HQ. And last but not least a Bontrager Race X-Lite wheelset, set up tubeless thanks to Troy from Maine.


What Does A Lunch Ride Look Like?

2 Dec

If I had never been on a lunch ride the question I would ask is, “what would a lunch ride look like?” To answer that question I submit the following pictures:

trike brad1 dug marka dugonbars brent zenger bob

Now that you know the answer, what are you waiting for?

Leaving from the SLC Bicycle today, as in every Tuesday, at Noon. Bring your mountain bike.

I almost forgot, in order to make it a proper lunch ride there will be slices at Este Pizzeria post ride.


24 Nov

Get your Nooner on!

Don’t forget to take your mountain bike to work tomorrow. Dirt ride at Noon from SLC Bike on Tuesday. You know you are going to eat like a pig on thanksgiving so come ride tomorrow so you don’t feel so guilty.

You can get that other Nooner you’re thinking about on Wednesday.

World Premier

18 Nov

Today at Noon sharp SLC Bicycle will be hosting the inaugural weekly lunch ride. Yeah, sorry for the late notice. I promise to give details for next weeks lunch ride by Friday of this week so you can plan accordingly.

We will be riding mountain bikes today doing the the Bobsled loop from the shop. Plan on 45-55 minute ride time if you ride like Troy from Maine and 90+ minutes if you ride like Brent. Sorry, Brent but I’m just repeating what you said.

I think dug will bringing Twizzlers for lunch. You’ve got 3 hours to prepare, see you all there.

JabberWocky Top 10

24 Oct

With the arrival of my new ride for the 2009 season I got to thinking about this past season on my first Jabberwocky and how much I’ve enjoyed the bike.

What’s so sweet about a JabberWocky? How about a top 10?

  1. Comes in pumpkin color, I thought it was orange but it’s really pumpkin, pumpkin spice with cream cheese accessories.
  2. Head tube gusset.
  3. I get to say, “JabberWocky” or “jabber” all the time.
  4. Cool looking, functional dropouts. Easy rear wheel removal.
  5. Simple, effective chain tensioning. Better than eccentric or sliders, I’ve had both.
  6. Best descending hard tail I’ve ever ridden, even better than the dork bike.
  7. I own one.
  8. I forget what 8 is for.
  9. Misty, Chris and company at Vassago.
  10. Wet Cat geometry: angry, fast and agile like a wet cat.

There you have it. Buy a Vassago JabberWocky, you will love it.

Just In Time For Halloween

22 Oct

A brand new orange Jabberwocky.

I’m thinking it needs a white stem, seatpost, cranks, wheels and fork.

It’s Just what my therapist ordered. I can’t wait to bash it at Fall Moab.

Thanks, Misty, Chris, James and crew at Vassago! You guys rock.