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Snowbird ICUP #9

13 Jul

I showed up with the CarboRocket tent and beverages including recovery drinks and I even had a booth babe with me. Too bad it rained and was windy. The booth babe got really bored and swore never to return again. That being said, I now have LOTS of recovery beverages for the Solitude State Championships next Saturday although no booth babe.

I had one goal Saturday: finish before Chris Bingham. I think he got me by about 30 seconds at Deer Valley so I now have little red targets painted on the insides of my Oakley’s.

The Jabberwocky matches the new kit a little too well. Although, for being a non-matchy kinda person I have to admit I like it. A lot. Both the Jabber and the new kit.


Sam Moore took the hole shot with Bob in 2nd and then myself. The last few races Chris has jumped in front from the get go and ended up beating me  so I was feeling pretty good about how things were shaping up, especially, after opening a slight gap on him after the first and second lap.

Now all I had to do is reel in Sam which I’ve been able to do every race. He always starts out in front and then fades. I don’t think anyone can out sprint him or beat him on the downhill (freaking demon downhiller, if you’ve been passed by him you know what I’m talking about) but he hasn’t been able to hold it all together yet this year for a win. At least in the ICUP, I believe he won the State Super D Championships.

I guess he was the only one I forgot to tell that it was my birthday because he never let up and by the time I’d start to see him on the climbs every lap he’d hit the downhill and be gone. I faded so hard on lap 4 I not only knew Sam would win but thought for sure I’d be caught by every one else. Luckily everyone but Sam was also suffering.

You know what sucks? When your target has a mechanical. When I started lap 3 I saw Chris on the sidelines working on his bike. Bummer for everyone.

Sam won, I got 2nd and Bob avoided the tweety chair. Karl, welcome to the tweety chair.

Lyna takes some great race photos. I’m pretty sure if you were racing Snowbird she got a picture of you. Check them out here.


Desert Rampage 09

9 Mar

Cassidy was the official race photographer since I was racing this year.  I’m not sure who she had take this picture but here she is with Racer.  Racer is 6’11” so you can see how tall Cassidy is.


Old friend, father Fishlips himself, Doug Rock.


New logo, new race machine.   The Jabberwocky performed flawlessly.  It’s even a better handling  bike than before with the correct offset fork up front.


Grizzly and Sunderlage.


Sunderlage and Sam.  Way to kick it in the SS class boys.


Chris B., Kenny, Mike H. and Me.  The super limited edition sleeveless Masher jersey makes me look really good.


Perfect weather, great race course and lots of people drinking CarboRocket made for a spectacular Saturday.