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Mormon Bread

7 Mar

It’ll get you in the door every time.

The doorbell rang yesterday (Sunday) and standing there was a tall, long haired, hippie looking guy in blue-jeans who looked about my age.  In his hand he held a bag with a warm round loaf of bread, it was still steaming.  He asked if I was Brad Keyes to which I responded, “why yes, yes I am who are you?”  He said he was with the “Church”.

If I lived in Utah and it was Sunday and someone came to my door with a loaf of fresh baked bread (he made it himself) dressed in a suit and tie and said he was with the Church I’d think this normal behavior.  Not exactly normal behavior in Chicago and especially not from a long hair in blue jeans. So naturally I said, “which church, the Catholic church or the Buddhist church around the corner?” I would have asked the same question if this had happened in Utah.

Of course, deep down I knew exactly what church he was talking about.  Frankly I was surprised it had taken them 8 months to find us.  The bread smelled delicious and I couldn’t just take it and shut the door so I invited him in,  plus he looked lonely.  As the first Mormon I’ve met in Chicago in 8 months surely he must be lonely.

We broke bread. Not true, I waited til he left and then me and the girls went to town on that loaf.  Crazy good! Best bread I’ve ever had, it didn’t last 20 minutes.  I’m trying to figure out how to get a loaf out of him once a week.