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Finally, A Road Ride

9 Dec

Bring your booties.  It’s really cold out and the trails are covered in snow so, I thought it would be a good day for a road ride.  Leaving SLC Bike at Noon today for an hour tour around the SLC followed by something warm from Bevalo.

I really haven’t ridden my road bike around downtown much so, I’m not sure of a good route for an hour ride.  Any suggestions?

What Does A Lunch Ride Look Like?

2 Dec

If I had never been on a lunch ride the question I would ask is, “what would a lunch ride look like?” To answer that question I submit the following pictures:

trike brad1 dug marka dugonbars brent zenger bob

Now that you know the answer, what are you waiting for?

Leaving from the SLC Bicycle today, as in every Tuesday, at Noon. Bring your mountain bike.

I almost forgot, in order to make it a proper lunch ride there will be slices at Este Pizzeria post ride.


24 Nov

Get your Nooner on!

Don’t forget to take your mountain bike to work tomorrow. Dirt ride at Noon from SLC Bike on Tuesday. You know you are going to eat like a pig on thanksgiving so come ride tomorrow so you don’t feel so guilty.

You can get that other Nooner you’re thinking about on Wednesday.

Friday Lunch Ride

19 Nov

Look at me giving everyone more than a 3 hour notice for a lunch ride. Here it is only Wednesday night and I’m announcing Friday’s lunch ride. I am so on the ball I should be CEO of something important.

Check out the sweet 29 and Single jersey that Rick S. is producing and most of us were wearing on Tuesday’s lunch ride:


Everyone loved the Bobsled loop so much we are doing it again on Friday. I think it took us just over an hour on Wednesday so, plan accordingly. We will be Leaving SLC Bicycle at Noon sharp. No lallygagging, right dug?

Make sure to bring your camera as I’m riding the drop at the bottom of the Bobsled on the rigid Jabberwocky. Possible carnage.

Oh, Bob is bringing twizzlers for lunch.

Ride suffer rating = 4. That’s on a 1-5 scale with 5 being puke worthy.

Could there be a better way to spend lunch? Didn’t think so.

World Premier

18 Nov

Today at Noon sharp SLC Bicycle will be hosting the inaugural weekly lunch ride. Yeah, sorry for the late notice. I promise to give details for next weeks lunch ride by Friday of this week so you can plan accordingly.

We will be riding mountain bikes today doing the the Bobsled loop from the shop. Plan on 45-55 minute ride time if you ride like Troy from Maine and 90+ minutes if you ride like Brent. Sorry, Brent but I’m just repeating what you said.

I think dug will bringing Twizzlers for lunch. You’ve got 3 hours to prepare, see you all there.