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Leadville Shmeadville

28 Jul

I’m heading to the Butte 100 this year instead.  Leadville isn’t for another couple weeks but the Butte 100 happens this Saturday.  As a matter of fact it would be a good training ride 2 weeks out from Leadville if you are feeling a little unprepared.

Butte offers more single track, more climbing, less people, less hype and the entry fee is about half of what leadville is.  Thanks to crazy enduro Bill for pointing me in the Butte direction, I hope he recovers in time for this weekend.

I’m pretty excited about it but also a bit nervous.  Several years ago I did a hundie sight unseen, the Cascade Creampuff,  it took me about 14 hours and left me nearly unconscious after the race and unable to hold onto handle bars or chopsticks for the next couple weeks.

I will be prepared this time.  I have compiled a list of essentials that will be needed to complete the Butte 100 in total comfort and style.  Feel free to use this list in preparation for your Leadville or LRE adventures.

  1. 22t Surly cog,  15,000-16,000 feet of elevation will be a piece of cake with this pie plate.
  2. WTB Weriwolf LT 2.55, monster wide front suspension tire.
  3. Vassago Jabberwocky, plush plushness and stylie style all in one.
  4. 10-15 bottles of Carborocket.
  5. Salt Cycling Fly socks.  They match my flaming Vassago kit perfectly and are the bees knees on the toes.

That’s it.  That’ll do you.

Good luck to everyone at the ICUP final this Saturday at The Canyons. I won’t be there but look and listen for the Livestrong table of goodies, all the proceeds from sales on Saturday at the Canyons go to the Livestrong foundation, including the CarboRocket.  Be nice to Dorothy and buy lots of stuff.

If you haven’t already, and I know you haven’t, click on the pink Fatcyclist jersey in the side bar and donate to my Livestrong page.  Each $5 gets you a chance to win a years supply of CarboRocket.

Leadville Flame Out

14 Aug

I’ve been drinking lots of Kool-Aid over the last few days and haven’t had time to cover my Leadville race. I’ve got lots to say about Kool-Aid and its effects on the body, mind and spirit and will post about that soon but first I need to catch up on some other things. I’ll start with Leadville.

I flamed out at mile 45 instead of mile 70 like I predicted. I went from feeling like a million dollars for the first 3 hours to feeling like a flaming sack of poo for the remaining 6 hours.

Last year 8:45, this year 9:21. I was a little disappointed but glad to have even made it. At mile 45 I bonked pretty good and never got my legs back. My race was over and I knew it. Thoughts of dropping out crossed my mind several times but the effort to get there was too great not to finish.

I blew out of town right after the race to get back to SLC and catch a plane the next morning. I missed seeing Bob finish and go to the hospital for an IV. Sorry, Bob.

Leadville isn’t about just racing 100 miles on your mountain bike but about slowing down and taking your time, hanging out with friends, making new friends and enjoying the slow pace of things as they unwind. You really need to experience it over several days. I did not do that this year and feel like I missed out on the best part of Leadville even though I was there.

But I’m stronger than I think I am and my well is deep. Next year will be different. Maybe gears and suspension. Well, at least a suspension fork. Yeah, rigid is dumb. I have to stop typing now my carpal tunnel is flaring up.

Too Much Too Little

5 Aug

Too much work. Too many car problems. Too much yard and house work. Too many jobs. Too many irons in the fire. Too much responsibility.

Too little time. Too few family moments. Too little Tasha time. Too few bike rides. Too few hands. Too few of me. Too little down time and too little me time.

But surprisingly, just the right amount of life and fun. Things are good.

I’m busier than I’ve ever been in my life and certain things (biking, blogging, reading, cooking, pilates, genealogy, etc.) are quickly taking a back seat to other things.

I’m not sure about Leadville or anything else right now. I hope to make it but not having biked but once in the last 2 weeks I’m not expecting much if I decide to line up. Hopefully, I’ll be there and be extra rested and recovered because I really want to kick Kenny’s ass.

Dude, what gear you running?

Back To Reality

19 Feb

It’s harsh. Coming home after being gone for 10 days isn’t easy. The consequence of only one bike ride in 2 weeks and gorging myself on great food hit home this morning when I stepped on the scale. 8 pounds! 8 pounds gained in only 10 days. The first ICUP race of the season is only 2 weeks away and I’m feeling fat and slow.

A few biking related things have happened while I’ve been gone. I got into the Leadville Trail 100. This will be Leadville race number 5. If I had to race it today I predict I would pull off a 10:30 finish time. I’ve got 7 months to knock 2 hours off of that time. That’s my goal 8:30 unless of course someone talks me into riding it just for fun and not racing. I could easily be swayed right now and that would sure make my summer a lot easier.


Vintage Brianhead Epic 100 shot of Elden & Kenny. Don’t they look cute in their matching kit? And so young.

Elden thinks he’s going to do the Brianhead Epic stage race. Which means I’ll have to do it as well to avoid the name calling and public humiliation if I try to weasel out of it. I could probably handle the name calling if it was just Elden but it looks like Rick S. and Kenny will be there as well and there’s nothing worse than not being part of the post ride story telling. Dug, you in?

Action items for now: Lose 8 pounds in the next 10 days. I think its doable. If I can gain 8 in 10 days why not lose it in 10 days?. Re-arrange summer calendar to accommodate the Brianhead Epic.

Leadville Debt Ratio Too High

4 Jan

I’m at the 2008 Leadville Trail 100 racers meeting / pep-rally and Ken has just finished his little cheer. The pumped up crowd is filing out of the gymnasium headed for bed or to drink some beer and take their Ambien and then go to bed. I hear my name over the PA system. “Brad Keyes and Steve Fisher please come see Ken immediately.” What? Who is Steve Fisher? Why me? What did I do? WTF?


I make my way through the crowd to the front and spot Mr. short shorts himself. I say, “Ken, I’m Brad what’s up?” “Son, I’m really sorry but we can’t let you start the race tomorrow.” I just look at him like he’s an idiot and ask, “why?” “We got your debt ratio report back and I’m so sorry but it’s just way too high and we just can’t have that kind of thing at Leadville.”

I continue looking at him like he’s an idiot and I’m silent as my mind races to figure out which debt ratio is too high and why it even matters. It must be my oxygen debt ratio, that’s got to be it I thought. “Ken, I’ve done this race before, I’ll be OK. Really.” “Son, It’s your debt to income ratio. I’m sorry, but we can’t let you race. If we let you race we’ll have to let everyone with high DTI’s race. We have to draw the line somewhere.”

And so it was, I missed out on the 2008 Leadvile Trail 100. It was just a dream I had last night but man, it was the most realistic, memorable dream I think I’ve ever had. I’m not sure what if anything it means for me this year but it’s got me worried. Tasha says not to worry too much about the race, the dream just means that I’m gay.