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Blisters And Karaoke

19 Jan

One of the best weekends in a long while. Weekends start on Friday, right? Kenny came and picked me up Friday night (man-date) and we headed down to the warehouse to watch The Revival, a fixie bike movie. Just insert a skateboard or trials bike or snowboard or skis and you get the idea. Warren Miller meets some fixie dudes from Portland.

The warehouse ain’t about whats playing it’s about the warehouse. Brian Price has what every man wants, NO YARD WORK. He lives and sleeps in a warehouse and hosts parties in same said warehouse nearly every weekend. Did I mention no yard work? Go Brian!

I then got up at 5 am on Saturday and went back-country skiing with dug, Mark and Dustin. Did you hear that, 5 am! I have no idea where we were except that it was somewhere in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

I am a total amateur. I can’t ski to save my life and my life needed saving multiple times Saturday. 5 hours of back-country after the warehouse Friday night just about killed me. At least I got a souvenir; blisters. Lots of them all over my ankles and shins. I’m guessing it’ll be a couple weeks before I can put the boots on again. Luckily Tasha had a nice leisurely Sunday planned for us (real-date).

Karaoke and sushi class at Mt. Fuji.

I’m a natural when it comes to karaoke and making sushi. Chef Jo said so. Many times, I think. I couldn’t understand a word he said all night but he knows how to throw a good sushi making class complete with karaoke. I ended up making 2 rolls, 1 hand roll and 1 piece of ngiri.

Yes, I made those and they were delicious.

I don’t know if it was all the wasabe or sake but I was the only person out of a group of 24 that thought karaoke was a good idea. I’d post the video but I may run for public office some day, I’m pretty sure I totally killed it though.