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JabberWocky Top 10

24 Oct

With the arrival of my new ride for the 2009 season I got to thinking about this past season on my first Jabberwocky and how much I’ve enjoyed the bike.

What’s so sweet about a JabberWocky? How about a top 10?

  1. Comes in pumpkin color, I thought it was orange but it’s really pumpkin, pumpkin spice with cream cheese accessories.
  2. Head tube gusset.
  3. I get to say, “JabberWocky” or “jabber” all the time.
  4. Cool looking, functional dropouts. Easy rear wheel removal.
  5. Simple, effective chain tensioning. Better than eccentric or sliders, I’ve had both.
  6. Best descending hard tail I’ve ever ridden, even better than the dork bike.
  7. I own one.
  8. I forget what 8 is for.
  9. Misty, Chris and company at Vassago.
  10. Wet Cat geometry: angry, fast and agile like a wet cat.

There you have it. Buy a Vassago JabberWocky, you will love it.

ICUP #6 Stan Crane Memorial Race Report

30 May

I’ve been flying high for the last 36 hours. The rush that comes with winning a race is a mighty fine feeling to have. The rush that comes when you AND your significant other win at the same race, well, that is some sweet sweetness for sure. I wish it upon everybody.

Before the race I had duct taped the words or affirmations, if you will, “Beat Bob” along with “Win Susan” on the front and back of my jersey before the race The purpose was twofold, to hopefully, spur me on to dig deep for a good cause and to psyche out Bob. Why single out Bob with the duct tape message?

  1. He won the last the expert class race so, he was an appropriate target.
  2. I knew he’d enjoy the attention.
  3. I knew I’d enjoy the attention.
  4. I really wanted to beat him.
  5. I really just wanted to wear pink duct tape.

It worked.

The affirmations were just part of my winning strategy. Because I ride Clarks trail several times a week I felt like I had the home court advantage on the downhill. Also, the Vassago Jabber Wocky totally feels like an extension of my body, it handles so well that I’m pretty sure I could have done the downhill blindfolded . I knew If I could beat everyone to the top of the climb and hit the downwhill first then there was no way anybody was going to hang with me.

Yes, I was feeling “it”. “It” doesn’t come around often enough.

Chris Bingham tried very hard to foil my plan but my affirmations were just too powerful, he flatted just as we started the downhill and that was it. I didn’t see anyone for the rest of the race.

I had drained one water bottle on the first climb and got a little concerned as I lost my second water bottle on the first descent. Didn’t need it, didn’t need food, didn’t need anything. I was fueled by endorphins. I was so giddy by the time I crossed the finish line that I lost all decorum (yes, I had some, once) and was shouting,”I won! I won! I won!” and pumping my fists in the air and slobbering all over myself and anyone that got too close.

Great race and great friends. I’m pretty sure I enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new people before and after the races more than the races themselves. Maybe.