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Soldier Hollow ICUP #5

18 May

Seriously, Tasha needs to find a new mechanic. Jamie? I guess that’s what she gets for racing a bike I just built up the day before.

She found herself out front again, feeling good on the new Vassago Bandersnatch when the chain jams after a rapid shift. Dead stop. Not one but 2 racers, one out of the race with a broken chain and the other just wanting to help, stopped to see what they could do. They ended up having to take the wheel off and finally got her rolling again after a few minutes. I think that may be against the rules. Good thing Ed wasn’t around to DQ her.

It happened twice and I take full responsibility AGAIN. Turns out the Bandersnatch has longer chainstays than her old 26er and when I built it up I measured the chain off the old bike to get a length for the new build. Chan was way too short.

Live and learn and maybe fire your mechanic. She ended up 5th. Sorry!

The only excuse I have for my race is that I completely missed my mouth with the GU and ended up smearing some of it all over my face before stopping to root around in the dirt for any precious globs that dripped off my chin. I still had another lap to go, you would have done the same thing.

I’m going with calling Soldier Hollow my taper race for ICUP #6 in Draper next week. Yep, that’s what it was as I came in 5th. Bob won in convincing fashion but what he doesn’t know yet is that Soldier Hollow was his peak for the year.

Soldier Hollow was my first race and only my second ride on the Jabberwocky, isn’t it lovely. My initial impression of the bike is that after only 3 hours of ride time it feels like i’ve been riding it for years. Love it! It has some cool features that I’ll go into in another post that I think are pure genius.

On another note, Kenny didn’t die of a nose bleed like I thought he would and was the first person to finish the Kokopelli Trail Race on Saturday. Congrats! Sorry, I missed it but I’ll be there next year for sure.

5 Mile Pass Race Report

5 May

Neither Tasha nor I were too excited about racing 5 Mile Pass on Saturday. Tasha pre-rode it a few days before and proclaimed it a terrible race course. It didn’t help that she and Whitney got lost and did a hike-a-bike that was twice as long and steeper than the one they’d be hiking on Saturday.

I was questioning the wisdom of doing a long, notoriously brutal XC race only a week after the RAWROD spectacular.

Of course, we went anyway.

Tasha and Dot battled back and forth for the lead most of the race and then Tasha flatted and lost a chain. I think she did great still pulling off a 5th place finish after all that. I also take full responsibility for her bike problems. I should have known better than to Stans her wheel the day before a race. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb!

It’s amazing how calm and relaxed you can feel right before the start of a race when you have no expectations. I also had a good excuse already formulated if I did poorly.

We had a pretty good group show up which lowered my expectations even further.

I knew it would be a long day so I tried to sit in but I tend towards impatience (imagine that) and decided to jump out front. That worked for a little while until we hit some downhill sections. That would set the tone for the rest of the day. Other than Fred who put a good gap on me on the first long downhill I yoyo’ed back and forth with Bob for 2nd and 3rd position most of the race.

Bob finally dropped off (thankfully, as he was really putting the hurt on me) on the 3rd lap but then I had to contend with Chris Bingham and Glenn Adams. They kept getting by me on the downhills and I couldn’t gap them far enough on the climbs. I ended up 4th.

I’m pretty happy with how I did as the flatter courses, which I struggle with, are now behind me for the season and I can look forward to the steeper, climby courses that are more my cup of tea.

BTW, Whitney Pogue who finally moved to Sport class promised before the race that if she won she would move up to Expert. She won by over 13 minutes, how bout just jumping right to the Pro class?

Desert Rampage 2008

2 Mar

I think I got more miles in this January than any other January to date. Even with the harsh winter we had in Northern Utah I still got in some extended weekends with long days of saddle time in Southern Utah and plenty of hours on the trainer while at home. I gave it all back in February.

Between my trip to Vietnam and being really sick most of last week I think I got on my bike a total of 3 times the entire month of February. I’m not complaining though, I did get that nice trip in and then I got to crew for my girls at the Rampage on Saturday.

They kicked ass. Tasha took 2nd in the women’s 35+ category and Kendra and Cassidy came in 1st and 2nd respectively in the girls 10-12 age group. I got to take care of them and cheer them on from the sidelines and take lots of pictures. That’s right, I didn’t race. I didn’t even take my bike so as not to be tempted.


I had a blast spectating for a change. I enjoyed watching the suffering as each racer headed out on another lap. Some with yellow rivers of snot flowing from nostrils to lips. I guess I wasn’t the only one getting over a cold or flu but my snot would have been green.

One of my favorite things about mountain bike races is re-connecting with old acquaintances that I’d label as best friends even though I tend to only run into them at the races. For example, Doug Rock. If there was an award for the nicest human being on planet earth it would be given to him annually. And then there’s Travis Brown. Ok, I just met him after the race but he chatted me with like we were old friends.

The usual people kicked the usual butt with one notable exception. Matt Ohran, who I can safely say I’ve been able to whoop on for the last number of years, must be on drugs. He stepped it up in the pro-class no less, taking 8th out of a huge pack. Surprised the hell outta me. Way to go Matt.

I had to borrow a camera as I left mine at home but here’s some of the better pics from the race.