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Cholla Challenge Roll Call

31 Mar

Last year the Cholla was my first race back in the Expert class after a couple of years racing in the Single Speed class. I had raced in the Expert class for a couple of years before that and always considered myself “pack fodder” never finishing above mid-pack and usually in the bottom 3rd.

It was here at the Intermountain Cup #2 last year that I realized it doesn’t matter what bike you are racing; light weight, full suspension, geared or single it just doesn’t matter.   I managed a 3rd place finish on the Dork Bike and was extremely happy about it.  On second thought it probably was the bike.

Me and the fam are heading down this weekend are you?


I realize this picture doesn’t have anything to do with the Cholla Challenge and I’m pretty sure Elden isn’t going to make it down this year but Damn! what a nice hat. I want one. And not bad Sunday best either. I’d totally wear that suit to church. Wait, I already do.