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Desert Rampage 09

9 Mar

Cassidy was the official race photographer since I was racing this year.  I’m not sure who she had take this picture but here she is with Racer.  Racer is 6’11” so you can see how tall Cassidy is.


Old friend, father Fishlips himself, Doug Rock.


New logo, new race machine.   The Jabberwocky performed flawlessly.  It’s even a better handling  bike than before with the correct offset fork up front.


Grizzly and Sunderlage.


Sunderlage and Sam.  Way to kick it in the SS class boys.


Chris B., Kenny, Mike H. and Me.  The super limited edition sleeveless Masher jersey makes me look really good.


Perfect weather, great race course and lots of people drinking CarboRocket made for a spectacular Saturday.