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Mud Rules!

27 Jul

Mud Springs that is. If you haven’t been down Mud this year you are missing out and if you don’t know Mud you don’t know one of the best downhills in the State. It is in the best shape that I have ever seen. Fast and tacky. I could stop biking right now and take up another sport, I had that much fun today.

Troy from Maine met me this morning at my house and we pedaled up over Clark’s, down the Hog chute and then up Tibble to Ridge Trail 157 from the resevoir and over to Mud Springs, down and back over Traverse to my house. About 60 miles in 5.5 hours.

At the top of the Hog chute I told Troy that it can be treacherous and to take it easy since he’s never been down the chute. A few yards later I totally ate shit right in front of him tearing up my knee and stuffing the end of my handlebar in my groin, I almost passed out and was on the verge of vomit. It’s black and blue (my groin) and I can barely walk right now but I still have a huge grin on my face from Mud Springs.

Do whatever you need to to get out and ride Mud Springs. Skip work, school, family evening, whatever and go.

BTW, we didn’t see a single biker all day. Nobody in AF Canyon or Corner Canyon or on the road up AF. We had the trails and roads all to ourselves. Did everyone stop biking? Weird.