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New Formula CarboRocket

14 May

It’s finally available online at www.carborocket.com and locally at Racer’s Cycle Service, Revolution, and SLC Bike (I just made deliveries yesterday).  Currently it’s available in Raspberry Lemonade and Kiwi Lime single serve packets.  Mango, Lemon Lime and Tropical Orange should be in next week along with 25 serving bulk pouches.



I have barrels and barrels of product so it should always be in stock.   I even tossed a cool CarboRocket sticker in the package so you can decorate your car’s windows, your bike, the neighborhood stop sign or even your neighbor’s cat.

You can read all about the new formula and why it’s the bomb here.  Go ahead, check it out.  In a nut shell, the new formula is based on the original formula but adds  L-Glutamine, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and natural coloring.

Let me know how you like it and what other shops you would like to see carry it.

Power Lunch

13 Mar

If you’ve known me for any length of time you know I have a penchant for fringe eating habits.   From food combining and juicing in the 80’s to eicosanoides (don’t ask) in the 90’s.  I’ve tried lots of different diets and eating regimens and read just about every book that comes out about food.  My current fave, Bottomfeeder, a real pager turner.

Lunch is the one meal that I have complete control over.  I make the kids breakfast of their choice most days of the week and dinner is all about family time so, lunch is just about me.

It’s taken a couple of decades but I think I finally found the perfect go-to lunch.  I eat it several times a week and is cause for skipping out on lunch with dug and Elden.  My new favorite meal:


Makes your mouth water, huh.  Sardines with fresh squeezed lemon, black pepper and Sriracha hot sauce.  Mmmm.

And if that didn’t make you hungry dessert will for sure.


My own little creation, a fruit and nut bar (recipe available on request) that just so happens to go great with a nice glass of Malbec.  Hey , who said good food and drink was just for dinner.


Spy Photo

21 Feb


Coming down the pike.  Single serve packs of newly formulated CarboRocket.  5 flavors with newly added Tropical Orange and Lemon Lime.

Don’t worry, the old formula that you know and love is still in place but has some added calcium, magnesium, potassium and glutamine.  BTW, the Tropical Orange totally kicks ass, my new fave.  De-freakin-lish!

Be patient,  it’s still a few weeks away but you’re going to love it.

New Sweet Sweetness

3 Sep

Aren’t they lovely?. No, not the well merchandised shelves but the new CarboRocket labels and flavor. I can’t stop looking.

Raspberry Lemonade is the new flavor and it’s my favorite of the three. I’ve shipped out a bunch already and have more ready to go. It is currently in stock at Revolution and SLC Bicycle and I’m planning a trip to Racer’s.

If you want to get it in stock at your favorite shop let me know who they are and I’ll take it from there.

Thanks for all the support and drink up.


24 Aug

My legs have been an easy target for a daily dose of spider silk for the last couple of weeks. The cobwebs had wrapped themselves so tight around my thighs I could barely get my leg over my top tube today.

I started pedaling and could feel the effects of being off the bike for a couple of weeks. It took about an hour but the cobwebs slowly started breaking and falling away. It felt good, real good.

Riding my bike not only busted through the cobwebs on my legs it also cleaned out a few that had been accumulating in my grey matter.

Tonight after my ride I realized that I’m functioning better than I have for a while. My brain is clear, my legs feel good, my body invigorated, my fingernails are growing again and my eczema has all cleared up. I’m telling you, riding a bike is good medicine. Oh, and I’m writing a blog post. Riding a bike could be the end-all, be-all.

I’m going to ride every day this week. That’s my goal. It’s going to be a great week.

Win Susan

8 May

A lot of people have asked me how they can help Elden and Susan with the battle they are fighting. Thanks to Kenny Jones it’s pretty easy.

Kenny has set up a trust account at his bank that is linked to a PayPal donation account at WinSusanNelson@gmail.com

Elden and Susan can use the funds at their discretion and nobody needs to guess at what they might need.

You don’t even need a PayPal account to help out, just click on the donate button at Kenny’s Photo and use a credit card.

Elden and Susan and family, we love you! You and your family are in our thoughts and hearts. Keep fighting!

Finding My Religion

30 Nov

Rick S. wrote about his failed attempt at weight loss the other day. Fatty started an enormous web community around his obsession with losing some pounds. I’m pretty sure that dieting is one of the only things people fail at over and over throughout their lives yet continue to try anyway. Well, maybe marriage can be added to the short list.

Anyway, why is fat loss so hard? Why do so many try and fail? Oh ye of little faith I think I found the answer. As a bonus I may have found myself a new religion.



My parents would be so proud. Wait, maybe this isn’t the religion they want me to come back to. I drive by this building everyday on the way to work in downtown Midvale, yes, Midvale has a downtown. A thriving, vibrant downtown with its own museum even, multiple restaurants, bars, businesses and now a new church.

I’ve noticed people working on this building for the last few months and have been curious as to what new business was going to open. They just plastered these signs on the windows a couple days ago. I can only guess how they’ll meld faith and fat loss. Replace the pews with treadmills? What ever will the Pastor wear?