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24 X 24

26 May

I have been a little preoccupied over the last couple of weeks but thought that I should share something with everyone.

I spent 2 of my 4 day Memorial day weekend on Gooseberry Mesa trying to put together a deck for a future yurt.  I did not even take my bike as to not be tempted.  Serious, no bike.  How many people go all the way to Gooseberry Mesa and don’t bring a bike?  Zero,  that’s how many.  Well, 2 that I know of now; Myself and Brent Price.

Just a mess of boards on Saturday morning.


Setting up construction camp.


Good thing no one brought a nail gun.


Brent picking gnats out of his ear.


Level and square are so overrated.


Brent cursing the gnat god.


Could it be almost framed?


I will never tire of looking at it.


Nice and tucked away in the trees.


I think we’ll cut a hole in the deck for the tree.


None of this would have been remotely possible without the help of Brian Price, Kevin and especially Brian’s dad Brent whose work output is approximately that of the other 3 of  us squared.  Thank you Brent Price!

I had to leave Saturday night but Brent and Brian hung out for the next 2 days hauling more lumber and finishing the platform.  They even spent a night camped out on the deck.  I can’t wait to see those pictures and promise to share them.

Gooseberry Respite

26 Mar

With all the snow and freezing temperatures around here I thought I’d remind everyone what it looks like just a few hours away at lovely Gooseberry Mesa.

Brian and Ally were on hand to help layout the deck foundation for yurt #1.  Yes, Brian, right there.  Nothing like  a little champagne to make sure things end up nice and square.


I always love seeing that people have their priorities straight.  I’m pretty sure the bottom bracket on Brian’s Pereira is worth more than the car.  Restores my faith in humanity.


In case you missed it and you happen to be  stuck in the frozen part of Utah let me remind you once more that there isn’t any snow or cold of any kind just few hours away.  Go on now.


I’m A Slacker Therefore I Bike

6 Jan

Or, I’m a biker therefore I slack. Not sure, but biking and slacking are things that come very easily for me. I’m a natural you might say. That being said, I’ve slacked long enough. It’s time to own up, buck up, stand up, HTFU.

I’ll use the excuse, “who am I, what can little old me do?” to explain my doing nothing but the reality is I am a slacker. But not today.

I finally started a Live Strong fund raising page to help my dear friend Susan Nelson fight the cancer that has been beating the crap out of her and her family. Click on the picture to go there now.


To make things a little more interesting I thought I’d suggest that if you plan on attending the 2nd annual Gooseberry 100k that you make a donation as your entry fee. I just totally stole the idea from Kenny. I have no shame.

What do you get for your “entry fee”? An all day kick-ass ride all around the Gooseberry Mesa area of Southern Utah, a campfire built by Kenny, all the CarboRocket you can handle, free post ride recovery beverages from The Bohemian and the chance to be part of a cause bigger than you.

Agua Escondido

9 Dec

The photo suggests something else but in reality I am trying really hard to hold onto my briefcase of $100 bills that the water well driller is trying take away from me.


He eventually won, which is actually a good thing.

My place in the Universe:




With a little luck and a couple hundred feet of drilling we should hit water on Gooseberry. Stay tuned.

2nd Annual Gooseberry 100K

23 Nov

I can’t believe it has been one year since I posted about the Inaugural Gooseberry 100k.

For 2009 the 100k will take place on January 31st. For all the folks headed down to Old Pueblo two weeks later this should be a great training ride/race.


Last year nobody finished the full 100k although Kenny Jones and Kris Holley gave it a good run. This year the course will be slightly different.

We will camp Friday night on the North rim by the windmill and the ride/race will start at 9:30 a.m. We will NOT be descending the North rim like last year as it proved a bit dangerous but will instead be doing the Gooseberry Mesa loop first and in a counter clockwise direction.

I will post a gpx file with the route within the next month and everyone will be on their own for route finding and support. I highly recommend you get a mapping GPS or have a ride partner that has one and knows how to use it and doesn’t care that you you are tagging along.

The following map is just a preliminary idea of what we are doing. It does not include the section through Apple Valley to the JEM Trail and has the North rim drop that we will NOT be doing.


The basic route is pretty straight forward. After doing Gooseberry counter clockwise the route will travel through Apple Valley and then cross the highway and hook into Goulds, Jem, Rim trail which will also be done counter clockwise with the Jem descent being done twice, yahoo!

The route will then head towards Rockville and eventually across Bridge Road and up the nasty climb back onto Gooseberry finishing at the windmill.

I think it should be close to 100k and 6-8 hours of ride time. Of course, I could be totally wrong which will make for a great adventure.

Any questions?

No Yurt Raising Party

20 Mar

At least not in March. I’ve been so excited to get the Gooseberry Mesa project up and going that I just figured the county would catch the fever too. They haven’t. The green light I got from the them was to change the zoning to allow me to do what I want on the property. You wouldn’t think the rest would be too difficult.


The whole process has been a bit more work than I originally anticipated. I sometimes get caught up in my vision of how things should be and forget some of the necessary details. Progress is being made and I’m getting closer each day but there are still a couple things to be worked out to get the final permit. Nothing major just time consuming.

Thanks for all the support and help with the project. It feels more like a mountain bike community project than my personal project. And that is exactly what I hope it turns out to be. I’ll keep you posted.

Gooseberry Forrest

26 Feb

Forrest has never been to Gooseberry Mesa but that didn’t stop him from catching the Gooseberry sickness. He hooked me up with this monster aerial photo of the mesa. It must be 5 feet by 5 feet. It’s huge. I’m willing to bet it’s the largest aerial photo of Gooseberry Mesa in the world. Thanks, Forrest!


Smack dab in the middle of the picture is my little piece of prime real estate. The Gooseberry peninsula, as I like to call it, where I will be spending a lot of time working and playing but mostly playing.


Mr. Sabrosa, Jon Hanson, also caught the sickness and was nice enough to put together a site plan for the yurt project. Eventually there will be 4-5 yurts and a central gathering area with a fire pit and deck for hanging out post ride. I think a sweat lodge is in order as well. Thanks, Jon!


Thanks to the help of Forrest and Jon I will be throwing a yurt raising party on the mesa sometime in March. Check back for details and go find your hammer and dust off your circular saw. Oh yeah, Kenny will be doing brats on homemade bread. Right, Kenny?