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New Sweet Sweetness

3 Sep

Aren’t they lovely?. No, not the well merchandised shelves but the new CarboRocket labels and flavor. I can’t stop looking.

Raspberry Lemonade is the new flavor and it’s my favorite of the three. I’ve shipped out a bunch already and have more ready to go. It is currently in stock at Revolution and SLC Bicycle and I’m planning a trip to Racer’s.

If you want to get it in stock at your favorite shop let me know who they are and I’ll take it from there.

Thanks for all the support and drink up.

CarboRocket Launch

26 Mar

I spent most of yesterday working out last minute kinks and having Dug (first online order) and Elden do a test run of online purchasing, shipping options, refunds, etc. Sure enough they found a kink. For some reason the online ordering system works great on every browser except Internet Explorer. So, if you can’t get through with IE use Firefox or another browser.


I’ve got all-natural mango flavor ready to ship. Also, Me and Kenny tested out a new kiwi-lime flavor in Moab on Saturday and have decided to add it to the lineup, it should be available next week.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an order waiting for me last night from Bob Saffel as I had just barely finished working out the kinks and going live. Bob is the very first unsolicited online customer. Thanks, Bob. The award for first paying customer however, goes to Jamie Pogue who couldn’t wait for me to learn HTML. Thanks, Jamie.

I’ve been working on CarboRocket since last July and I’m very pleased with the results. I have yet to experience any cramps or upset stomach while using it. Doing a monster ride like the Rim Ride this early in the season is guaranteed cramps for me but I didn’t get any on Saturday. I hope you like it as much as I do.

For more information or to place an order check out the website here. Thanks!

Carbo Rocket

14 Mar

I’ve passed out a lot of free samples of my kick ass sports drink Carbo Rocket and I’m ready to start collecting some coin from everybody that needs to feed their habit. I’m also looking for some new addicts.

I just finished the final label with the all the labeling requirements in place and finally found a high quality source for a hard to find ingredient. The first big monster batch should be ready this weekend with the orders going live on the website next week.


I’m very excited about it as I’ve used it exclusively since July of last year for all of my training and racing and it has worked perfectly. I had my best season ever. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from everybody that’s tried it including local pros, local joes and world famous celebrities. It passed the Leadville 100 test, 24 hours of Moab test and the Intermountain Cup test. It works. It tastes great. It’s ready.

Almost. The thing is, I like the name Carbo Rocket but I’m not 100% sold on it. I originally called it Brad’s Bomb so, that’s still an option too.

Here’s your chance to name the next big thing in sports drinks. If I pick the name you suggest I’ll send you a case of it free of charge. Of course, if I change the name that will delay it another week or so but big deal. Or, should I just leave it be as Carbo Rocket or change it back to Brad’s Bomb?


22 Feb

I’m already cheating by using a single speed mountain bike so, why stop there?

Brad Mullen posted about one of his sponsors this year being an altitude training device company and my initial reaction was that it’s cheating. I didn’t have any evidence or even any good arguments that it was cheating it just struck me as wrong. Too clinical.

I’ve since done a bit of research on the web and I haven’t been able to find any arguments against it. Quite the contrary, it’s perfectly legal as far as the IOC and UCI are concerned. There have been many discussions about it with coaches and officials and athletes and everyone seems to think it’s fine. It’s safe, legal and effective. You can even purchase your very own altitude tent for a mere $2500.



We just happen to have our very own altitude training center right here in Salt Lake Valley at Momentum climbing gym. You can get your hypoxic air on without forking out the big bucks for your own tent. I must admit that I’m more than a little intrigued.

I’ve been exchanging e-mails with Eric Moody who runs the altitude training program at Momentum and he said he’s happy to give me and anybody else a tour and demo of the facility and help dispel any hangups we may have. Anybody want to join me at the coffee bar at Momentum for an hypoxic espresso?

Binge Training

18 Dec


That’s what Lynda Wallenfels calls it. Back-to-back epic training days. I’ve known about Lynda for several years although I’m pretty sure we’ve never formally met. She is as hardcore of a biker as I know. She beat me at the 06 Desert Rampage and later that same year I rode with her for quite a bit of the E50 in Park city. Yes, she beat me there too. I didn’t even finish.

I came across her blog a couple weeks back and noticed she has some epic binge training rides planned for the weekend before my Gooseberry 100k. Her 3rd day looks very similar to what I have planned for the 100k. I think Tasha and I are going to make a go of her camp. At the very least we plan on doing days 1 and 2.

The unsupported nature of the rides she has planned apparently require using a GPS. I must admit I’m intimidated by GPS. I don’t even know what the letters GPS stand for but I now know what Tasha is getting for Christmas. I’m sure she’ll love it.

I’ve never been so excited for a January in my life and yes, I’m still going down on the 19th for the inaugural Gooseberry 100k.

Cyclocross Ice Skating

1 Dec

What a difference a week makes. Last week shorts and short sleeves. This week multiple layers and gore-tex.

Some pics from last week:



And here’s today:






Does anyone remember the first time they stepped onto an ice rink with skates? That’s pretty much how the whole race felt to me. My inner spaz came out in full force today. I have no idea how many times I fell down, I stopped counting after about 7. I only ran over one person though, poor woman. I think I finished somewhere in the middle back of the pack.

Tasha made the wise decision to go to spin class this morning instead. Everyone had a great time including the beast.

Finding My Religion

30 Nov

Rick S. wrote about his failed attempt at weight loss the other day. Fatty started an enormous web community around his obsession with losing some pounds. I’m pretty sure that dieting is one of the only things people fail at over and over throughout their lives yet continue to try anyway. Well, maybe marriage can be added to the short list.

Anyway, why is fat loss so hard? Why do so many try and fail? Oh ye of little faith I think I found the answer. As a bonus I may have found myself a new religion.



My parents would be so proud. Wait, maybe this isn’t the religion they want me to come back to. I drive by this building everyday on the way to work in downtown Midvale, yes, Midvale has a downtown. A thriving, vibrant downtown with its own museum even, multiple restaurants, bars, businesses and now a new church.

I’ve noticed people working on this building for the last few months and have been curious as to what new business was going to open. They just plastered these signs on the windows a couple days ago. I can only guess how they’ll meld faith and fat loss. Replace the pews with treadmills? What ever will the Pastor wear?