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Father’s Day Tasha Style

17 Jun

Since my dad is in Australia, yesterday was all about me. Happy Father’s Day Pops, if you’re reading. Here are my Father’s Day top 5.

1. Breakfast. Father’s Day just sucks without a delicious breakfast of whole wheat homemade waffles and a side of sausage and eggs. I even had a piping hot cup of coffee in my hand the second my feet hit the floor when I got out of bed. Thanks, Tasha!

2. Bike Ride. I got out for a ride all by myself for about 3 hours. After cranking up to Alta I decided that one time up Little Cottonwood Canyon on Father’s Day was not enough, I had to do it twice. Check out the snow pack at Alta. Not a sliver of terra firma in sight on June 15th.

I love the view of the mouth of the canyon from up above. You can see all the way across the Salt Lake Valley.

3. Hangin with girls. They decided I need to wear something other than t-shirts.

4. Picnic at Red Butte Gardens. Tasha whipped up some tasty Asian pasta salad that went perfectly with the Pinot Noir she brought along.

5. Can you say chocolate cake? The perfect ending to a perfect day. Eggs, butter, sugar, chocolate and only 5 tablespoons of flour. Unbelievable! Seriously, the best I’ve ever had. Thanks, Tasha!