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Moab Rim Ride

12 Mar

I was so excited to do the Moab Rim Ride at the end of the month but sadly can’t make it happen. So, I thought I’d go down the weekend before and do it. If anybody has a scheduling conflict with the original date or just wants some long hours in on the bike come down and join me on the 22nd.

I stole this pic from Dave H.


No rules. I plan on stashing water and some fried chicken at about the 6 hour mark off the upper road to Gemini Bridges the night before so I don’t die like Kenny almost did last year. I’ll be leaving the park at 6 a.m. in the morning on Saturday. I’ll have a GPS with some of the trail tracked but not all of it.

It’ll be fun and painful and surely one of the epic rides of 2008. I really have no idea what to expect so it’ll prolly end up being a good story. You don’t want to miss out on that do you?