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Invaginate A Free Jersey

13 Dec

That word got my attention too and I’m not talking about “free” or “jersey”.

I’ve been working on Dawkins “The Greatest Show On Earth” now for a couple weeks. It’s mostly, as in 80%, very engaging, readable and a real page turner. Except for the 20% that wasn’t. I slogged through the embryology and DNA chapters like I was pushing my bike through wet clay, those chapters sucked.

Not all was lost on the embryology chapter though as I learned a new word “invaginate” It kinda rolls off the tongue. Fold inwards to form a hollow, you’ll have to read the book to know how it relates to evolution, I just happen to like the way it sounds.

On to more important matters, a free CarboRocket jersey. I am giving away a free CarboRocket team jersey and as of today you have a 1 in 48 chance of winning.

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No need to use your invagination to win a free jersey, just click on one of the above links.