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Fall Funk N Fashion

14 Oct

To help everyone combat the dreaded Fall Funk I have some fashionable accessories guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  I can’t guarantee you’ll look as good as Mr. Jesse Doll in your own CarboRocket T (or maybe that’s why he looks good) but I guarantee it will make you smile just like him.


I’ve got your on the bike fashion covered as well with the Team CarboRocket jersey.   These will be done by Utah’s own Blackbottoms and are available to pre-order now.

Final CR Jersey

Now through the end of  October you can get a free t-shirt if you order 3 packages of CarboRocket and you can get a free package of CarboRocket if you pre-order a jersey.  Just click here.

See you at Utah cyclocross #3 in Heber on Saturday!