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Viet Cong

12 Feb

I visited the Cu Chi tunnels where the Viet Cong entrenched themselves in an ingenious series of tunnels and beat the U.S. into the eventual withdrawal. It was at once fascinating and horrifying. A sobering reminder of how awful warfare is and how cruel humanity can be. I still don’t know how I feel about my visit. A bit weirded out I guess.

This entrance has been widened for large folk. The original entrances were only 8″x8″.


They lived in these tunnels for weeks at a time. Our guide showed us the many booby traps the Viet Cong laid for American GI’s as well as how they made land mines from unexploded U.S. cluster bombs. They recycled all of the U.S. Military garbage to fashion booby traps and explosive devices. Essentially beating us with our own supplies.

It was a little creepy to say the least. The weirdest part of the visit was the shooting range where you could fire one of 10 different weapons including an M2 machine gun.

The most amazing thing about Vietnam is how recently we were here tearing their country apart and I am here now and the people absolutely love America. Once the war was over they just wanted to get on with their lives but the U.S. had an embargo against them up until just over 10 years ago. We are sure good at holding grudges.