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No Racing Along The Wasatch Front

18 Sep

I don’t see any races, road or mountain, scheduled for Saturday.  What to do?  I think Jamie P. has the perfect solution:


Just sending out a reminder about our trail project tomorrow morning Sat Sept 19th from 8am until noon.  We’ll be meeting at the top of Clark’s trail so just drive all the way up the Corner Canyon road to meet us at the parking area at the top of Clark’s.

The trail machine has completed another 1.25 miles of trail for us to work on.  The total length from the top of Clark’s to the bottom of the new section is over 2 miles!

We need as many people tomorrow as possible so that we can get all of this new trail ready to ride.  We’ll be clearing some over hanging limbs and smoothing the tread of the trail to finalize it for riding.  This is easy work and we can cover lots of ground but we need some more volunteers.

Please come join us even if you can’t make it for the whole morning.

If you have any questions, or if you arrive late and need to find out where we’re working, call me at 801-652-3700


Proud Papa

29 Jun

I have no idea how long Jamie has been been dreaming and scheming and planning and bribing and flagging in order to get his trail started in Corner Canyon but its been a long time. Saturday a dozen of us left our bikes in the garage and put on jeans and t-shirts instead of lycra and began working on the soon to be named, future flagship trail in Draper. If you think the trails are awesome now, just you wait.

Jamie taking the very first Polaski swing with Daren narrowly escaping a lost toe.


Jamie and Ken, the 2 trail bosses responsible for making it all happen. Thanks!


I was amazed how much we actually got done in such a short amount of time. Numbers make all the difference.


Here’s the section we worked on before we got started.


And after only a few hours.


I can only imagine how far we would have got if we had 2 dozen workers. I’ll try to get info posted well in advance if anyone is interested in joining us next time and with the amount of trail planned there will be plenty of next time.

If you want to get on the email list so you know exactly when and where next time shoot Jamie an email at tibiker@mac.com

Trail Blazer

7 Jun

Since I have spent countless hours riding and enjoying the great trails here in Corner Canyon I thought it was way past time for me to give back a little. Trust me when I say little I mean little. If you had to compare the amount of hours I’ve spent enjoying the trails here to the amount of trailwork hours I’ve done it would be a ratio of 1,455:1. If anybody keeps track I now have 2.5 hours of trailwork in Corner Canyon under my belt.  I know, pathetic.

Off we go.  Jamie, Karl, John and myself heading into the jungle.


It felt like Corcovado and I thought we were going to have wild boars chasing us at any moment.


Some day soon you will be riding your bike through this stuff but without all the stuff.  Thank Jamie for it.  BTW, When Jamie says to wear pants to help flag the trail you should listen.  I’m slightly oppositional defiant and wore shorts, big mistake as my legs are still bleeding from all the scrapes and punctures.


Seriously, this is how it’s done;  you ride your imaginary bike down the imaginary trail and hopefully, it feels “right”.  Does it feel swoopy?  Does it feel fast?  Does it feel too tight?  Jamie totally nails the switchback and proclaims it just right.


I am a trail rider not a trail blazer unless you consider creative ways to spend your children’s college fund “trail blazing”.  Jamie is the trail blazer and if you want in on the action and fun and bleeding shins you can contact him at tibiker@mac.com to get on the volunteer list. Do it!  Don’t be pathetic like me.

Jacob’s Ladder With Fatty

23 Apr

If you haven’t been down Jacob’s Ladder yet maybe this video will get you excited to give it a go. Or, maybe not. Regardless, it’s one of my fave’s.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Fast Fatness WTF

22 Apr

Me and Fatty did Jacob’s Ladder from the equestrian center yesterday and it was spectacular.  Just the right amount of mud to make it a mountain bike ride, lots of painful climbing and what I’ve declared to be the finest downhill in the valley, the Jacob’s Ladder trail.

While Elden is a very good mountain biker,  above average even, and has more endurance than just about anyone I know I have always been faster than him uphill and downhill.  I’m sure he’d agree with me on this.  Pretty sure. I think.

Not yesterday.  Naturally, I jumped on the lead for the downhill section when we got to the top of Jacob’s Ladder.   That’s what I do.  I’m usually waiting for Elden for a while at the bottom.  Part way down my pedal came unclipped right in the middle of a hairy, rocky section and I thought I was a goner and then I heard a voice behind me ask, “did what I think happen just happen?”  WTF?

Uh, “Elden?” Yep, it was  him right on my tail.  He continued there, on my wheel until the bottom of Jacob’s.  Towards the end of the ride just when you think it’s over the “Last Dance” single track appears and spits you out back at the bottom at  the equestrian center.  I decided to let him lead.

I’d put my head down for second and look up and he wouldn’t be there.  I knew for sure he must be off the side of the trail turtled in the scrub oak.  That’s what Elden does, he crashes when he goes too fast.  Not today,  Nope.  I’d see him around a switchback and have to pedal hard to keep him in sight.

What was different yesterday?  New bike, the SS Superfly?  Perfect weather and trail? Who knows for sure but “that fat guy” as someone called him mid ride is on fire.  Maybe he was pissed for being called “that fat guy.”

I promise I’m not making any of this up nor lauding his downhill skills just because he gave me a super cool twinsix wool cycling cap yesterday.  Seriously, I’m not.

Corner Canyon

25 Feb

Thanks to Tony P for the tip on Corner Canyon conditions. Spot on. You can climb almost to the top on the upper road, all completely rideable right up until you hit this glacier at the first switchback before the top.


What a difference a week makes. The single track connecting the upper Corner Canyon road to the single track from the equestrian center is totally rideable as is all the lower sandy single track.


All the stuff in the ravine and North facing is hike only. Including Ghost Falls and Clarks.


There is at least a solid hour and a half worth of rideable dirt right now in Corner Canyon. Time to break out the Jabberwocky and start the 4:00 EQ meetings.

Edit: Ditto on good trail conditions for the North bound Bonneville Shoreline Trail from the upper CC road to just below Scout Bridge.

Cross Or Crack

6 Dec

I was planning on doing the final cyclocross race of the season at the Draper Equestrian Center today even though I suck at cross, seriously, I’m Mr. DFL.

That being said, I try to do a couple of them every year as they always serve me a nice slice of humble pie. As much as I don’t like humble pie I think it’s good to eat every once in a while.

However, I got the call this morning about doing a mountain bike ride instead of the cross race. The mountain bike ride would consist of one of, if not, the best loops in the Salt Lake Valley (Clark’s trail to Crack Cocaine loop) along with some of my favorite riding buddies.

The cross race would be in my backyard as well but would only consist of about 50 minutes of suffering followed by about 15 minutes of exercised induced asthma. What to do?

Duh! Crack beats Cross every time.

I still can’t believe that a loop of this quality is literally in my backyard, as in I hop on the single track in my backyard and go. Unbelievable!

My backyard:



Some DH with dug about to launch:


and Elden bailing on the launch:


We finished the ride with a duel:


I won the camera duel. Elden eventually dropped his camera and ran off like a small child.

And a few more pics from dug:

brad-kenny-barrel-rolling1 brad-finishes-upper-downhill1 brad-dropping-ramp brad-finishes-lower-downhill1

Not a bad day of December biking at 6000′ in Utah.

Corner Canyon Time Trials

14 May

Time Trials with an s.

I think Tony P. started the madness last year setting the start and finish points but Rick S. was the first to blog about it. Well, Clark’s Trail TT now has its own official website thanks to UtRider.

I couldn’t remember my time from last year but I’m pretty sure it was under 11 minutes. Looks like I need to give it another crack.

I don’t know if downhills are referred to as time trials or not but thats what I’m going with for Jacob’s Ladder.

At the top of Jacob’s Ladder there is a small island of weeds and rocks right where you start rolling the downhill. Start your time just as your front tire passes the western edge of the island. I built a little cairn there with a green rock but don’t know how long it will last. Stop your time as your front tire hits the wooden fence at the bottom before the trail spits you out on the upper Corner Canyon road.

3:45 is my time on the dork bike.

I’m expecting great things from Sleepy, Jamie P and dug.

Don’t forget that the Sundance/Soldier Hollow weekly series starts tonight and I’ll be there conducting a Bohemian/CarboRocket seminar.

Who Beat Me?

22 Apr

Clark’s Trail is still closed but Jacob’s Ladder is wide open. If you’ve never ridden Jacob’s Ladder you’ve missed what just may be the best downhill trail in Northern Utah. It’s my fave and one of the reasons Draper City has the best mountain biking trail network of any suburban area in the State.

I’m a a little disappointed as I was really hoping to be the first one down Jacob’s this year but there was one other set of tracks up there. Who was it?

I only rode through a few patches of mud near the top and only had to get off my bike once to push through a 10 yard section of snow, other than that it was all ridable and I’m still grinning. Have fun!

Girly Ride

19 Apr

I went on a girly ride today. If anyone thinks that a girly ride is what I would call an “easy” ride they better think twice. I only refer to it as a girly ride because there were more girls than boys. 3:1 ratio and I was the 1.

As a matter of fact I would bet that the three girls I went with would place very high in a men’s category mountain bike race, possibly all on the podium.

Dot Verbrugge, Whitney Pogue, my wife Tasha and myself were planning on hitting the 5-mile pass course but the wind was so bad that we stayed in Corner Canyon. Nothing wrong with that. Corner Canyon in Draper could possibly have the best suburban trail network in the USA.

Dot nailing the water crossing.

Whitney sporting her “downhill” face.

Tasha having a good time.

Tasha busting the single track climb.

I think we did about 2.5-3 hours of mountain biking while everyone else stayed inside because it was too windy.

Most of the Corner Canyon trail network is open except Clark’s Trail.

To all the husbands that were out of town on a bike trip I must say that the biking was much better at home. See what you missed out on. That’s right, just me and the girls.