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Community Bikes

22 Oct

We all have them, I think, at least in my community.  Community bikes; bikes that don’t really belong to anyone in particular but are a conglomeration of parts culled from many and shared by few.  Somehow they end up in one persons garage for far too long.

Dug has probably spent the most time of anyone that I know riding community bikes.  As a matter of fact I bet it’s been over 5 years since he’s ridden anything else.

Well, I have a community bike that I dare say will never end up in Dug’s garage.  Part Rick S., part Jamie P., part Forrest, part me and I’m sure there are parts on it from Chris Fox.  Total cost to build=$12 for bar tape.  Yeah, yeah it’s a single speed with STI shifters, whatever.


The frame that belongs to Rick S has been hanging around in Jamie’s garage for years with parts bolted on it at random.  Whenever something wouldn’t fit on someone else’s bike Jamie would hang it here.

You know what?  It totally kicks ass.  I rode it for the first time today and it is fast.  I’m going to race it on Saturday but after that anyone that wants to borrow it for a day or year is welcome to it.

Do you have a community bike in your garage?  Want one?  Need a new community?