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Corner Canyon Time Trials

14 May

Time Trials with an s.

I think Tony P. started the madness last year setting the start and finish points but Rick S. was the first to blog about it. Well, Clark’s Trail TT now has its own official website thanks to UtRider.

I couldn’t remember my time from last year but I’m pretty sure it was under 11 minutes. Looks like I need to give it another crack.

I don’t know if downhills are referred to as time trials or not but thats what I’m going with for Jacob’s Ladder.

At the top of Jacob’s Ladder there is a small island of weeds and rocks right where you start rolling the downhill. Start your time just as your front tire passes the western edge of the island. I built a little cairn there with a green rock but don’t know how long it will last. Stop your time as your front tire hits the wooden fence at the bottom before the trail spits you out on the upper Corner Canyon road.

3:45 is my time on the dork bike.

I’m expecting great things from Sleepy, Jamie P and dug.

Don’t forget that the Sundance/Soldier Hollow weekly series starts tonight and I’ll be there conducting a Bohemian/CarboRocket seminar.